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Power Of A Woman

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Song List

  1. How To Be Rich
  2. Power Of A Woman
  3. Never Alone
  4. I Will Make It Up To You
  5. Come On Out Tonight
  6. Woman Will You Be My Friend
  7. Together & Happy
  8. Go With Me
  9. Good Things
  10. Amends


How To Be Rich

Have some compromise
You owe yourself a chance
Keep turning your pistons
Keep that fire in you engine
No one can tell you where you’re going
No they can’t see what you’d want
You steer the wheel towards your destination

Do it for yourself

You don’t look too well
So better up your health
Some intrapersonal wealth
Is what you’re missing now
You need love from inside out
That’s when you’ll know how to be rich

Think fast on your feet It’s not so easy
A taste of this good life ain’t known by everybody
Influences can multiply the forces outside of your control
But you have to get through this just to make it possible

Don’t be taken for no prisoner

You got enough money in your pocket
To eat and drink and put a roof over your head
But you could really use a lear jet
Would that be enough for you man?

Power of A Woman

When God created woman
Beauty graced the earth
You can’t deny the power that comes from her
Now she can drive you crazy
With the flick of her hair
She always gets her way
With A wink and a stare

I feel my heart beating faster when she walks in the room
She makes my soul believe in a higher greater truth

I believe in the power
I believe in the power
I believe in the power of a woman

You better be careful cause she can take over you
She’s gonna rip your heart right open
So get some dressing for your wounds
I for one have been seduced by the girl in the garden
Before she even picked the fruit I was upside down on my sin

She can make you change your ways
She make you act strange
A woman can make you brave
But she can drive you right to your grave

I feel the room getting hotter
When she’s looking at me
She’s in control of my soul and my mind and my body

That’s the power of a woman
That’s a woman

Never Alone

My eyes on you stare
Good times we did share
One, two, it was gone
You left me here on my own

But we danced
It felt so right
We were lost in the dark
You said it’s time to go
I guess I should have known

That love is forever

I saw you there
I glanced
You disappeared
Sometimes I am afraid
That I won’t see you again

But love is forever

I Will Make It Up To You

I know I ain’t been perfect
Since before to now and here
You’ve had some things you wanted
I never gave them out dear
I spent all my money
On some silly toys
Since I’ve been seeing things from your side baby
I know I’ve been a bad boy
And I’ve been the tears you’ve cried
But understand

I will make it up to
If it’s the last thing that I do

I know it ain’t been easy
The way it’s been going down lately
But you sure do please me
And you make me feel crazy
And I’ll do anything for your love
I want to make you proud
It will make my life seem sweeter
Just to have you around
Dry those tears you’ve cried
And understand

I will make it up to you
If it’s the last thing that I do

I know we’re gonna be alright
And I hope you stay here by my side
It might take some compromise
But I sure do love you baby
I sure do love you baby

I know it I ain’t been perfect

Come On Out Tonight

Come on out tonight
I know you’ve been feeling lonely
You know that I get like that sometimes too
You were standing in the doorway
Wearing that face I’d seen before
You know that’s the only thing I can’t take

Maybe we’ll wake up tomorrow
To find that everything has changed
Maybe the worst is gone
And the best days are yet to come

Ease your worried mind
Let the weight of the world go now
Fill up your heart with the love that surrounds you

Behind these curtains hide
Hold your head up
Bright city lights
Hold your head up
A million stars outside
Hold your head up
Dry your crying eyes
And come on out tonight

From the time when it all began
To the moment when everything will end
We best have faith in something else

Woman Will You Be My Friend

Staring across the room
I am struck by a beauty in my view
It’s been a long cold winter
I’m getting warmer
And now I’m thinking about you

So, tell me how it’s gonna be
You haven’t seen the best of me yet
And this season I was hoping that we could spend some time together
I’m falling in love again
Woman will you be my friend?

Your skin is so soft
I’m a victim of my love turning to lust
While you’re stand there
I can’t help myself
Because It’s so hard to resist your touch

Girl you got a good thing going
I want to be a part of it
So give me all of your love and I will give you mine
Give me all of your love tonight

Together and Happy

I stumbled on our photograph as I packed up that box
I thought about good times we had and the years that we lost
If I could do it all over maybe I would
I put the picture down and I walked out of my home
I looked up to the clouds above and asked the Lord, What have I done?
He didn’t answer so I walked on down the road

I was thinking
About what you’d want and what you’d need
I was banking
If I could get you those things
Maybe we could be together and happy

That night I took all that I had and I threw it in the car
Said goodbye for the last time as I drove into the stars
Life gets hard and people move on

Remember feeling breathless and overcome
We were so in love
That kind of feeling can change you forever
We were younger then
I hope we both can find sweet love again

I never could imagine how we could be apart
So I held onto some memories we made close to my heart
Don’t fade away, Please don’t fade away

Go With Me

Where do you think you are going?
Why don’t you just come over here?
There is something we could be doing
There is something nice we could share
I’ll make you feel the best that you can

I need to feel your love
Tell me what you want and what you need
I can give you those things
Let me bring you there
I’m about to take you
Right where you want to go

I’m caught up in your fire
And when you’re close I lose all control
Could you burn with the same desire?
Could you know me like you want to be known?
Could you touch me just the way that you want to be touched?

I can be good for you
I can be so good for you
I can be good for you
I can be so good for you
And you could be good for me too

Good Things

When I was a child
My mother taught me
Some lessons I try not to forget
How to be kind to others
Show women respect
Treat my friends and my brothers
And even my enemies well

And good things will come around
If we give love good things will come around

She said be grateful
Give more than you’re given
Be a thoughtful lover
And be an honest man
Keep your mind open
Get your heart healthy
Fill the world with the love that’s in your soul
Let your spirit be free

Some things are hard to understand
You won’t always know how it will all work out
But do your part and be your best
Go on out and make your mother proud
And son it comes full circe somehow

Now my wife works helping children
And I try to write songs of hope
It’s a small part of bigger vision
For a better world for the next generation


Burn these walls
Put them in the ground
For a life to start again child
I don’t know how this falling out
Brought us to where we are now
But the pain that breaks us down to find
What makes this fear of how to be hard to define
Hard to define regret and hardship
But we can make amends
We can make amends
But we have got to change

I have been a fallen angel
I know I’ve done some things that I never should have
But these crimes they have caught up to me
And I have paid in loving loss
And a tear hiding soul

I don’t want to be a stranger in your world

It’s hard to see how far we’ve let
All these distances between us get
But I would change on a dime for you
If that is what I need to do
To make you see the truth in me
We can make amends