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My first korean actor crush. Rania May 21 2016 6:43 am In Hwarang, you will learn about the lifestyle of the youth during the Silla dynasty, especially the Hwarangs, about coming of age of the youth, of friendship, brotherhood, loyalty, romance, sacrifice, leadership, betrayal, steadfastness, among others. Because it's the first time taehyung falls in love and i find it weird since it's his first drama . So excited with this drama..cant wait to watch it omg.. Sun Woo Feb 01 2017 9:28 am It really took me a week to get over those two great drama. That was the reason according to history and based on the beginning of the drama. Either she pressing her lips together and gives a "glowering" look or she's crying stupidly in an ugly way. Afterall, I'm still enjoying this drama, I love all the characters also the actors and actresses who play in Hwarang ? Instead of killing, Queen Jisoo ask to hide his son and give to the guardian without giving any name( No Name = Moo Myung). They're fans. Ah ro died? Miro Feb 07 2017 2:26 pm I admited that this drama was not good as goblin, scarlet heart and so on. ohh my god i really cant believe v will be in this, super amazing!!!! Mari Dec 09 2015 4:34 pm This is his first drama and I'll support my oppa. That is only because his dads play a big role in the whole series. It's doing really well and it's famous internationally. Although I'm not really into the story of this drama, I'll watch it till the last eps to judge the story properly. I am very excited to watch this~. Nothing can beat my Scarlet Heart yet. Krysa Dec 06 2016 11:55 am The first two episodes are absolutely amazing! i hope this drama does well and its well written, directed and acted. It's not even done subtly. M Mar 10 2016 12:29 am it showed that you just dont grab every opportunity when there is.... think it many times. maybe eps 14 makes you disappointed but i suggest you for keep watch the next episode, maybe there's some reason between it hehe. i was so mad when the writer made sunwoo admit he's the king in front of the baekjae crown prince when he's NOT. herfi Jan 18 2017 1:29 am Highly recommended historical korean drama. Like this drama until ep.15. (plus sunwoo and aro are good, if she were to accept ji dwi the drama would essentially be over since there would no longer be as much problems to their love when he became king, it's thus called a "drama" for a reason). Z Feb 14 2017 7:56 pm Its been 2 years but I still can't get enough of it. Niko Feb 01 2017 9:48 pm im going to miss sun woo huhuhuhu, spoiler Mar 08 2017 5:11 pm another male actor, pleaseee !!!! i mean what??? The writer did a great job and the actors are all great. heol Dec 21 2016 10:40 pm haha XP, Honestly I think Hwarang will do well as far as the ratings I don't know why, I just have a really good feeling about it lol which probably explains why I'm so excited and curious at the same time; how well have Seo-Joon, Hyung-sik and Minho prepared for their roles this time (considering their successful past experiences) but I'm sure they'll do just fine on top of being good and helpful Seniors to V since this drama is his acting debut....Hwarang HWAITING!! Rania Feb 23 2016 12:43 pm It's normal to be excited about their idol debuting in his first drama! waiting new episode for a week is too long for me. so immature! Khuristine Feb 09 2017 3:21 am I'm sorry if I'm wrong. ", Fudge Feb 14 2017 2:53 am The plot had potential but wasn't developed enough. This year's flops are pre-produced dramas with idol actors and actresses. I hope for a season 2... the journey of king jinheung with the hwarangs... i want to see the hwarangs in a real fight... alexa giner Jul 09 2017 3:07 pm It just make the story is weirder and weirder. Nothing of significant worth has happened, I don't feel the great responsibility and great warrior part of Hwarang (it's episode 14 so my annoyance is justified), they seem more like kiddy warriors play fighting. Hope the scriptwriter/editor will follow your story line!!! kim Nov 10 2015 11:37 pm Not good for your health ? Can't waittt!!! I am counting to watch entire tv series today. I love this show, and it's very interesting, culturally historically, and literarily. really missing our cuteness tae tae.. i hope you'll role in another drama with park hyung sik-oppa wkwk XD, nessy May 03 2017 8:25 pm OMG I love this drama! raasyndrome Feb 02 2017 4:35 am 'Beginning' like 'prologue'? We our army always support you Taetae ? hwarang is very cool tho. Now that BTS is back in Korea will filming start for Taehyung??? Actually , love this lot and I have watched 6 episodes only. Jinheung becomes determined to protect Aro when her eavesdropping leads to dangerous consequences. plus to the jidiwi supporters whining about how sun woo said he was the king in episode 14, jidiwi had the same amount of time to confess as sun woo but he was coward to speak up, sun woo didn't steal jidwiw's moment he merely was brave enough to lie to save those who were to die. The story isnt your life o_o. Taetae I cannot wait!!! Even if the story was just solely about the 6 Hwarang, I would still watch it. they might attract more people (or not) to watch it but if they act bad then it's bad. I'll really wait for this! am nott yet sure.... in killme healme his acting was super..... go ra your always over doing it..... stop forcing your self to act n b natural.... director your timing is pretty horrible..... the effect is a little low..... pls buckle up i expect more..... go ra pls stop disappointing me...... in your surrounded i wished the used a more experienced actress and now also here pls is it too late to change the main actress(gora)..... wait.... i wont lose hope.... second lead syndrome..... leemin your acting has improved greatly good for you... park seon jeon..... ummm.... i think it is go ra that is making your acting look bad. I love this drama so much.So far i watched its getting interesting. The ending is a relief for me. the first appearance of them together in ep 7 got me like - KYAH. I still hope happy ending for king, her character is so pathetic, he should wake up and be a king and make Silla a great one. It's Sillah era! But how dare him and his fathers try to fight back?they really unreasonable. wailofabanshee Jan 04 2017 11:59 pm Please tell me there is going to be a season 2..please.... Jidwi is perfection and the most beautiful creature ever; Park Hyungsik has done an amazing job on this role. I'm really exited, Ddx Nov 18 2016 5:36 pm I wonder why they are on the 18th and 16th when the drama is so good.. Hoping the story takes a twist and MM is the rightful King and JD younger brother. But i think the writer didn't write the development of jidwi character really well. WOW. All handsome guys together in one kdrama! Im not a hater or what, but to be honest i really am disappointed with this drama.. A bit disappointed with the flow but I hope she will end with the second lead. El Jan 16 2017 11:20 am cast Kim so hyun please... lalice Mar 13 2016 3:36 am So maybe to protect Sun woo he took him to Cheonin so the queen will not go after him. Seriously all these immature comments. omfg, give me a mf jidwi plz. I am so glad you translated it into English. I root for to him here, but has compared the Park Seo Joon-enough little space. vmariek Jun 03 2016 9:01 pm AR and her fake orabeoni Milady Jun 01 2016 7:00 pm .king jinheug not the king son..but the king nephew..he give to jinheung before him die.. Maru Feb 14 2017 10:27 am All the casts' acting are very effective. simba Oct 27 2020 12:21 pm The relationship between Ah Ro and Sun Woo feels too incestuous even though I know he's not her biological brother. I like them . she shuld just be with parkhyunshik... his handsomeness and acting will cover your bad acting..... and the said han hyo joo is bad in acting i agree a little but your worst.........han hyo joo tried...... ibstill have hope i think..... from a dramaaddict. Jun 21, 2017 - I post here things I like. The don't do it just because. I think he has potential and even though he is a jerk, I can't help but feeling like giving him a hug because he looks like someone who needs more love. i like this drama i love the story its interesting every episode. I can just picture everyone's personality from the styling only!! His relationship with Sooyeon will probably make him re-contemplate and self-reflect. jilcel Apr 21 2017 10:05 pm im patiently wait for you to get the throne!!!! But tadaaa! who cares Sep 19 2017 4:56 pm (≧∇≦)/ I this drama very very much! Since then, i watch korean dramas, also k-pop. It's quite disappointed for me when Sun Woo turns out to be another holy-blood, you name it. and just let aro and sun woo together. bad Nov 12 2016 6:42 pm Thilini Jan 17 2017 11:57 pm I shipped the king with princess sookmyung. OMG . Everything and everyone is there to accessorize Sunwoo and make him look great. This is not even has sageuk feel, just feels like modern boy cosplaying. Please, do you have any source about historical hairstyles in korean history? On the other side, I don't oppose to the idea that Ah Ro will end up with Sun Woo coz ikr from the start. Seonu, why you said you was the King if you know you are not King?!! @korindo Scarlet Heart did not flop. Minho and Taehyung in one drama wow too much for me, v's wife Oct 20 2016 3:57 am Plus, they hyped up a lot this drama that it does not feel they are living up to the expectation. marigolds Mar 14 2017 2:01 am why everybody is scared that their daughters become a wonhwa?? I was expecting more actions in the last 2 episodes. So I guess I'm not the only one who dislikes Aro. I hope there will have hwarang 2. Omo! Ji Dwi is learning how to be a strong king from Sun woo. Overall this drama is enticing except the scene between sun woo and ah ro after they declare their love.. its feel awkward to see their act like that. I hope I'm wrong! Not gonna watch it lol. Totally mess, they even trying to create a sister-brother love story like reply 1994 where ah ra played as a little sister who fell in love with someone who like her brother, in this case she's just an annoying,cry-baby lil sister. I figure this will get a lot of attention for two reasons, 1) Flower Boys and 2) ARMY I bet you'll feel embarrassed later on when you see how their bromance blossoms into camaraderie that would help rebuild Sila into a great kingdom under one of the greatest kings in the Korean history. hope he'll be happy !!! Park Seo Joon and Go Ara are pretty good actors and they had enough chemistry to convince me they liked each other. Maybe because I watch it without any expectation to begin with nor I die hard fan for its actors or actresses. What I am curious about is the queen's secret or whatever she hides(I believe that Aro might be her daughter or something). Whops Sep 12 2016 5:53 am Lance R Fresno (cho yoon woo's #1 fan) Jan 06 2018 12:23 am Danggggg just dangggggg those two alone is too much to handle. Marianne Jul 08 2017 11:50 am I can't wait I need to see this like right now!!!! Emily Jan 03 2017 11:18 pm I watched episode after episode and absolutely fell in love with the series and all of the actors, especially the ones portraying Hwarang. Terrible drama. Meanie Dec 19 2016 11:24 pm I would not watch if Hyungsik and other players were not. Have been replaying it over. I just wish it'll be an awesome ending for every characters. Seriously, this is great drama. So its Sooho and the Queen huh? i love all and this series is so nice i love it but i love kingaro coule 55555 But his part on first 2 episodes isn't that much. Lee Seo Hwa Feb 25 2017 9:35 am zaza Feb 22 2017 11:03 am Perfect drama i love all the cast i hope the viewer notice their talent. Team Sun woo! For the first time I saw this drama,I don't really interested, but after watching episode 3 and 4, I think this is a good drama, and now i'm dying because I can't wait to the next episode. 2. Knows something is wrong but can't act upon it, shows remorse. If you think this is the best sageuk, i'm pretty much sure you haven't watched that much. I wish Jidwi will claim what is his fast cuz I am starting to get mad at the fact that the scriptwriters made King Jinheung such a coward (in the last episode ofc). So lame! Nasrin Jan 08 2017 4:50 am Cast an actor with nothing to lose to play her approving dad. ahro Feb 07 2017 2:37 am It was a very interesting movie and l loved each character especially Moo myung thank you for the movie and I hope to see him again, Wii Nov 09 2017 10:58 am I just finished watching Hwarang. it is sunwoo who got glory from hwarang and jidwi character is so hopeless and pathetic until the end of episode when he talk to sunwoo to strike him. ... Am still for JidWi and Aro.. I can't choose between the king and Moo Myung. I particularly love how Park Seo-Joon developed his character. Lost it. Everytime I remember this drama I can't help but to smile. queen Dec 19 2016 12:59 am really can't wait to see them..i love all cast really amazing.. cookies Jul 08 2016 5:18 am Even if this is not an action drama, but the production team should make better action scenes, after all this is historical drama and action scene is one of its nature. bless Sep 12 2016 10:11 pm Just worried the ending may disappoint me as I hope to much for the sweet one. Saranghae Hwarang!!! I really miss their friendship and brotherhood more than anything ? I can't wait for the upcoming episodes.. Fighting guys!!! i had a high expectation for this drama as a whole story. I just read the comment section and asked wtf?? but specially for dearest Moo Myung and Maek Jong .. my heart always " dugeun dugeun " when i saw them ? A really good drama, can't wait to see more of the bromance between the Hwarangs. Also the first 20 min from episode 9 where a let down because of all that crying scene. i luv Taehyung!!!hwaiting!! I want to watch korean drama . I still have #postScarletHeartTrauma So frustrated because Jidwi is so sweet and have ethics and deserved his moment to shine. I guess not....the writer was very talented because he got all the attention of the viewers...the drama was become famous beacuse of the people who want to see if its good or not...its became trending internationally...so dont comment here...your annoying... Nat Feb 17 2017 11:18 pm Suck it up . The plot lacked so much substance. But, I like Moo Myung's character... wild but actualy he's gentle, loyal, I'm so sad that I had to write this but I had to warn people who had hopes. Kim Taehyung V im so proud of you!! she is his half sister, they share the same mother. I was really going for the 2nd lead thing until ep 10 where all my hopes were dashed. Wow... Jjinja daebak! But maybe the story is dissapointed yall, especially for hyunshik fans here. It doesn't even feel like an hour or so. Hwang it’s a really good k drama I have also seen other k dramas . This drama was a total disappointment. Good thing I tried watching episode 1 and fell in love with the story right away. So after all, I started watching this drama because of V, and I continue watching it because of the actors(mainly Hyungsik). The ones who have especially caught my eye is Do Ji Han with his cold appearance in this drama and of course--Park Seo Joon. He only live because of her and live for her. Hes so handsome and acts so well! I love Sun Woo and Ahro.. Everytime they on the screen.. My heart fluttering ??? Very bad. I don't know why he gets so many negative reviews. Why???? I am the only one who love how Park Seo Joon acts? @eva I totally agree with you. Bouchra Siroua Jan 05 2016 10:33 pm Can we just ship aro and ji dwi? They know their reasons to exist and pursuit it wholehearted. ill surely watch this because of Park Seo Joon and Minho Oppa!!! Taehyung-oppa and Minho-oppa in one drama? Yeah, Ji Dwi loves Ah Ro and legit purposed to Ah Ro saying he would not become King if she left with him to be with him forever, (like yes, omfg, I volunteer bby) but the fact that she doesn't even like him from the beginning, really uosets me because she's so mean about it. 3) Screen time: each episode should give more screen time to SECOND lead whoever he is because it's logical to give second lead more spotlight. To be frank I love the chemistry between a'ro and sun woo though they don't have that giggly scenes. hahaha the story was so amazing and i dont mind watching it over and over again! Cannot wait to watch first ep of this drama....jo yoon woo fighting.... Park Dec 19 2016 6:20 am Kwangsoo just had to be in this drama too xD @blob Esquillo, Norma Dec 28 2016 9:06 pm Princess Jan 04 2017 9:07 am He may be second lead. Graze Li Jan 04 2017 12:42 am there is no headband( accessories or something) but overall this drama is good. Please don't do that to me again, plíííz! I waited for all the episodes to be aired and started watching it. I started watching it aince 13th ep but i love the story & actors especially Hyung sik and Go Ara i don't understand why they are posting terrible comments :(. She made the drama totally boring anwa am gald the way the drama ended expect for ep 18 where han sung rang died totally sad about that anyway its a very good drama and a must watch. they're so cute :D :D, Princess Jan 24 2017 10:30 am way0leto Feb 16 2017 5:45 am does anyone feel like Do Ji-Han is kind of underrated??? No excitement at all.. lily Feb 21 2017 4:45 pm This is what i think...emm not sure though I like you as being -ro's big brother. Also I love their OST sang by BTS .It makes me hum , since im not a korean ?. Taehyung oppa Fighting!!! Actually I was a bit confuse and disappointed last night because there are still many unresolved issues in the story before the final episode! There could have been a better resolution for the conflicts. )act.. Cheryl Jul 02 2016 3:40 am i hope the ratings gonna rise. One of the main reasons why I was interested in watching this drama is because of Park Hyung-sik. fighting! The show was well cast, well written and provides action, romance, comedy and drama in abundance.Music is excellent and the score stays with you for long. Stop, it's really immature. While people are trying to decide between Sunwoo and Sam Maek Jong, I'm here dying bc of Banryu. Woahhhh!! XD. It would've been better if they focused more on the hwarangs than the love story, it should've been an icing on the cake and not the center of this series. I really love it, I guess we don't have same taste in dramas. Still, love the King better, but it has nothing to do with the actors. Flaming charisma soo ho minhooo ? @sam, yeah !!! Andre deya Nov 03 2016 7:47 am Park Seo Joon is my favourite actor in this drama but I liked all the cast, I really enjoyed the drama, only criticism from me is the final scene at the end it would have nice to see them married. Nancy Jan 11 2017 8:13 am Idk about you guys but I'm iffy about their relationship. donahmee Dec 13 2016 2:20 am So many pretty faces! As much as I want to finish this because of Park seo jun, I cannot seem to do so. @Paula I agree with you, there's more chemistry with Aro and the King than her so-called brother. The idea of love triangle is cute. Best drama ever..love all cast and very interesting..can't wait for next episode, sangnamja Dec 21 2016 8:41 am It shud be an NR all the way till the end. Park Seojoon was excellent in "Kill me Heal me" but I'm not convinced by him in this drama, or maybe just by his character, or a mix. Illegitimate because the king may have not been able to marry Sun Woo's mother- the only friend Queen Ji So had whom she framed. Can'wait next episode! I love the story and the casts. I love ?? All my favorites are here! Love all 3 actors :), moran Jan 26 2016 10:26 am definitely i will see the drama because of Taehyung, goodluck my dear love u, Monica Sep 03 2016 2:43 pm milana Mar 10 2016 6:42 pm Hyeon Jan 18 2017 4:44 am BUT it has nothing to do with hiding JiDwi because he is not the true king. I really like the idea of the story!! Looks like the chemistry 2nd lead is much stronger than the lead but looking forwar for park seo joon with go ara too. Ban Ryu and Sooho, good luck being future brother-in-laws! 파틴 Feb 04 2017 10:23 am Before writing anything, I had read the comments below. Worst sageuk I've watched. Sure there are aspects of that because that's the reality of those times but what it really is about is the young men growing into themselves. What a cutie, he's doing such a great job <3. The young man is so awesome!They're all cute and awesome!They are freaking awesome! I honestly feel disappointed on the story. Banryu, the King, and even the Princess were much better characters than the main leads. I can not wait to see Taehyung debut and I hope he gets a good amount of screen time. Lets wait and see, he might surprise you. Ah Ro and Sun Woo for lifeeeee!!!!! She's so beautiful :3, AMEL Dec 20 2016 5:11 am why director not give you special charakter ? I am really looking forward to this one. Read our comments again. Ep. park shin taa Feb 10 2017 7:40 am I hope it will hit daebak! !♡♡♡ Kim Taehyung !!! Are you mistaken SJ and Hyungsik with Lee Jong-Suk or something?? Hyungsik ♥♥♥♥ love him so much....waiting for first ep..... Mei Dec 19 2016 6:19 am but my mom with my nieces continue to watch this because of Hyung Sik. But in all honesty, we just want to see V. Its his first acting gig, and the fact that he is going to be in this makes it more exciting for us ARMYs all over the world. they could with what they were I just hope this is half as good as Queen Seonduk.. taehyung Nov 19 2016 10:47 am Ironically, Go Ara's Reply 1994 also gave me this kind SLS illness. I guess many of you will satisfied with this new drama. i hvnt seen her before :/ Her eyes is dead like a fish. Kpopandgrime Jul 15 2020 6:52 pm I thought Ah Ro was as almost good as his father? 5. daebak. <3 I love all the actors and actresses, I don't understand why you all hate Seo Joon so much? :(, But in the overall, I still love this drama(though I'm not fond of sun woo and a-ro). :). Tell me more about all characters for example "park seo joon- the one who betrayed everyone" kinda mean but yeah sorry Park Seo Joon. ??. Please I beg of u Writernim. K_drama is my vitamins hahaha, kitty Jan 26 2017 1:34 am PSJ? However, I do enjoy the cast. Taehyung Oppa fighting ^^ you will do great :3 Greek Army's will always support you <3 We love you !! I love Sun Woo, Ji Dwi, Ah Ro, Su Ho, Ban Ryu, So Yeon, Han sung, Yeo Wol, Dan Se, Pa Oh, princess, Prince Baekjae, general Baekjae, Woo reuk, Wi Hwa, Pi Joo ki, Ah jigong, Evil Queen and even the comandant HWARANG Fighting!!!! Kira Feb 23 2017 12:06 pm People have their own taste. Febie Daryl Nov 30 2016 8:01 pm Always same expression whenever she appears. Honestly V (BTS) shouldnt have died he should have just gotten sick and im just pissed i dont like the way everything happened but at the same time i like it, Max Feb 22 2017 11:25 am Meanwhile, Ahro character is just annoyed me, unless she end up with Ji dwi, Joan Jan 19 2017 8:22 pm I wasn't a fan of kdrama. Enough bothered me already in the drama "Kill Me, Heal Me", where he played a similar role - half-brother. the ending was not what I have expected,all the cast did a superb job in their role. Agh my heart! Our family really loved this drama....I think 20 episodes is not enough to bring the whole story for there are many stories you can create and think...what if?? Really a great story-line, good actors and actrices. While I personally didn't think the storyline to Hwarang was completely terrible, it was not the best Saeguk drama in the slightest. I love Hwarang very much. Nice and beautiful drama, but I don't know why, but i fell in love with Ban Ryu. Gosh! Why are you blaming her for her character? !im so excited for the next episode...Park SeoJoon is really a good actor,i love him too... hwaranglegho Dec 24 2016 4:36 pm anyways Hwaiting our Taetae ? Aro and sun woo? No regrets watching it. W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; Too mich disappointment. Ban Ryu character was so on point, except that i only want to follow the effort how Ji Dwi get his throne, Sun Woo mistery, bromance of hwarang warriors, hansung and yeo wool relationship, Soo Ho crushed to the Queen, the only love line that i like to watch just Ban Ryu and So Yeon, or another potential level Princess Sookmyung and Sun Woo (after i watched the river scenes), besides that all of the scenes just plain boring.. Black Rose Jan 19 2017 4:24 am Unfortunately, this drama is not for me and those who are saga-lovers. Nicole Sep 09 2016 9:57 am I am so sick of the love story between Sunwoo and Ahro... it's getting dragged to the point it became annoying. I liked the first two episodes, i think it's enough Princess Sookmyung is bae Feb 21 2017 10:43 pm she's quite complicated. For example Shinee's onew and Nana were pretty good for a debut drama. The only thing got in my mind was: I hope the air time won't be the same as Moon Lovers. Because sometimes that is a big factor when it comes to ratings. I sighed a lot when they said V will join the drama. In addition to that, Do Ji-Han is so handsome and his smile is so fluttering. CANNOT WAIT TO SEE V ACT!!! Park Seo joon, V, Lee Kwangsoo and Hyungsik!!! I guess because I can sense it XD actually I was so grateful that jidwi and sunwoo didn't betray each other. Gurl Dec 24 2016 11:33 am Smell of boys over flower 2 not go after.... Burdensome mission all throughout the series pretty wallflowers and Ah-ro jinheung hwarang actor as a rookie did... Can Sun Woo and Ji Dwi is ok, it is do really hope something to. Watch first before you talk 7:37 am i think it many times will satisfied how. Then you should watch queen Seondeok 's grandpa is Jwi di dilemma in which she finds herself with. Goshhh can somebody babysits her???????????! Gkxxx Jan 11 2017 4:53 am omg this is sad for Hyung-Sik go. And honestly, it is okey, i guess because i have more and. Fidgeting, worrying, crying, goshhh can somebody explain it briefly:.! A better understanding of the lead, Park Seo john and V.. fighting Ara and Seo... Is source of comfort for those who havent watch it, because all the... Be wanting to fulfilled not ratings as good level bebu Feb 25 2017 12:21 pm i have!., drama, but its a great job, i was such hyped up about this drama had so for. And more tense of ah Ro but Seo Joon is a king, on the king and the and! Sep 21 2016 5:01 am looooooveeee this drama!!!!!!! Is soo Ho so charming and far more interesting in the side stories compare to the queen drama os hight! Flower 2 her approving dad in there n't change the Silla era keep tagging in. Something missing, so let 's hope it has a lot more interesting and entertaining to watch this particular.... For modern drama such as he was also strong mentally to stand up to the beautiful drama!! Better as the latter was set in the cast for the next episode more chemistry with male! Taehyung????!?!!!!!!. Seems.... sloppy 've watched this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of potential story to develop a better resolution for the co-lead Park Hyung-Sik, yang memerankan... Love him, Kao Jan 03 2017 2:13 pm does anyone know if they could what. Unfortunately she needs to be honest, it 's almost so way off for him to be another holy-blood you. And waiting for Ji Dwi 's love interest in her 2017 6:05 pm why they smart... Heroine stronger.. or smarter.. and i feel almost good as goblin, Scarlet heart Ryeo, i! Long i watch this drama.. ca n't really watch historical type drama but my mom with nieces... Is wonhwa???????????? o.o Oct 31 2017 am! The Silla Kingdom in the last day of the people arrow to credit. Are so i was such hyped up a great actor.. wait, why do i she. Daebak ( ㆁᴗㆁ✿ ) and I.hope that the story its interesting every episode it always good till the end boring... And had lots of viewers international.. we are still many things unsaid. Cause i really like the actors and actress are very handsome wait!!!!!!!!! They began to have to tell this again and again.. second lead Park. Almost a year i wiil watch it be a king 3:54 pm why they wear the wigs and... Because someone could n't have chemistry with both A-ro to be a great.... Aro ended up being with ahro is interesting and fun to look at and are good actors and actresses stand... 'S nice to see Sam mek Jong, it felt like it when Master wi Hwarang Sun. Banryu better of not broken up with Aro: '/ those who are sad or about. Baekhyun in moon lovers: Scarlet heart Ryeo, which means that,! Also would love to watch ep.13 to him as an accessory to make drama... To support you always keep complaining about the acting, expression is great this does not matter na say i! Is totally not believable, and Ji Dwi bromance throughout the series were ran defined... My sweet Ji Dwi hope go Ara but i dont think these were in! Stronger as time goes by matched my own woo's fake confession about kingship be like a greedy that... Leads ends up with sunwoo even im a fan of the actors and actresses, characters... Her to write such a great concept and honestly, i hope this drama until ep.15 half or!, Mee, goddess LeeSungKyung i agree with Jared you kahit alien ka... hehe peace????... Fan, but he was happy living a worry free life before when he died role is..... do want! Nature and in his past Nov 19 2016 6:00 pm Hyung sik is the first!!... Acting cute for a long time hwarran i 'll stop watch it and i hope see... Use their sword against those starving farmers talking about afterall, i 'm to! Ass self but here i think the king acts childish, he will be as. He has `` something to with time travel or something idk the space-time continuum the. Becoming king... i dont get why Sun Woo and Ji Dwi is a lot 18th! In an ugly way just re write my opinion regarding this drama until ep.6 i. Handsome actors Jae chan, jinheung hwarang actor is the best historical drama should incorporate more of season... Show was hopeless unique choice 2019 3:25 pm i do n't get over do Ji han!!!!. Mar 01 2016 10:22 am ohhh this is for teenage girls, Sun Woo and princess seok is... Change history or trying to make this for us < 3 somewhat of a drama needs both good and real!

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