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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney: Objection! However, they had no need for this under the Jurist System. Trucy is bright, energetic and very naïve. Apollo grew up not knowing about his mother or his half-sister. Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials! As Apollo and Klavier closed in on the truth, they found that they had no decisive evidence to prove that Kristoph had done the deed. "The Art of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies -". Apollo and Terran became practically a fixture in the Space Center throughout their high school years. ... but only started Apollo Justice this morning! Apparently in an extremely touchy mood. Apollo has dark brown eyes. His day job is as a detective in. In October, the three lawyers went to attend a presentation and mock trial at Themis Legal Academy. As a child with Dhurke and Nahyuta Sahdmadhi. A blind witness implicated one of Klavier's band members, Daryan Crescend, as the real killer. Klavier Gavin (rival prosecutor) Kristoph Gavin (former mentor & employer; incarcerated) Gavin Law Offices (former workplace) Juniper Woods (admirer & former client) Pearl Fey (old friend of Phoenix Wright) Winston Payne (rival prosecutor) Wright Anything Agency (former workplace) Wocky Kitaki (former client) Machi Tobaye (former client; arrested) Vera Misham (former client) Damian Tenma (former client) Simon Blackquill (rival prosecutor) "Bobby Fulbright" (detective in charge of one of Apollo's cases & Terran's killer; arrested) Rayfa Padma Khura'in (Khura'in royal priestess & Dhurke's daughter) Amara Sigatar Khura'in (former queen of Khura'in; Dhurke's wife) Justice Law Offices (current workplace) Ga'ran Sigatar Khura'in (biological father's killer & rival prosecutor; arrested) Apollo Justice and Klavier Gavin in Lucky Star. Apollo Justice Koutarou Ogiwara* (Gyakuten Saiban 4) KENN* (Gyakuten Saiban 4 trailer, Gyakuten Saiban 5, & Gyakuten Saiban 6) He shares Phoenix Wright's fear of heights and disinclination to drive, preferring biking instead. Fond of her Mr. Hat trick. Age: 0; Location: Space; Posted April 12, 2018. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is the fourth installment in the Ace Attorney series, and it does not disappoint. During the trial, Apollo cross-examined Fulbright to get as much info as possible, and he noticed that Blackquill seemed particularly determined to convict Starbuck. Age: 22 Gender: Male Occupation: Defense Attorney Official Art: Rookie lawyer, and the new protagonist of GS4. It turned out that Metis Cykes, Athena's mother and Aura's research partner, had been murdered during the UR-1 Incident. Gavin was hired by a famous magician known as Zak Gramarye, who was being accused of murdering his mentor, Magnifi Gramarye. Eventually, Woods was called back to testify, but Apollo continued to search alone until he was suddenly attacked from behind and knocked unconscious. Somehow, he manages to juggle both careers fairly well. Apollo typically wears a red vest and matching pants, a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and a blue tie. She kept this talisman until the day she died, so she could always keep her daughters close to her heart.When Maya was two years old, her mother left the village in shame because of the DL-6 Incident. Musical theme Due to the uproar over the queen's death, Apollo was lost in the chaos, leaving Thalassa unable to reunite with her son, although Apollo was given one of her bracelets before the incident. I really liked this story! Apparently, the daughter of Phoenix Wright. Guitarist for the Gavinners. However, during the concert, a bodyguard was fatally shot, and Apollo once again defended the accused in court against Klavier. "Apollo Justice ~ A New Chapter of Trials!" This is likely because his "bandaged arms" form is a separate model, and the DLC costumes only affect the standard character models. Documented age range (as recorded in court record profiles and case files) Wright helped Apollo to figure out the truth about the case, securing a not guilty verdict and resulting in Gavin's arrest. Popular stage magician. Apollo and Cykes could not investigate much due to the heavy police presence, but they did see the murder weapon. After the case's resolution, the three attorneys agreed to do their best to help put the so-called "dark age of the law" behind them. Horrified that someone he respected would openly admit to forgery, Apollo punched Wright and then left, intending never to see him again. Mysterious woman encountered outside People Park. Nahyuta Sahdmadhi (Childhood friend (see Family), Dhurke's son & rival prosecutor) Datz Are'bal (childhood friend) Clay Terran (childhood friend; deceased) Solomon Starbuck (Terran's mentor & Apollo's former client) An unnamed pet rabbit Mikeko (pet cat)* (Dual Destinies audio drama) Phoenix Wright (mentor, former boss, former client, co-counsel, idol, assault victim, & temporary rival attorney) Ema Skye (investigator in charge of most of his cases) Athena Cykes (junior co-worker & investigative partner) This seemed to confirm Apollo's suspicions even further, and he investigated the Space Center to find out more about her connections to the place. Phoenix then went even further and accused the one who had been in charge of the evacuation, Bobby Fulbright, of being the phantom. While Crescend had set up an alibi for himself, Apollo was able to show that Crescend had set up the crime in such as way as to throw off the time of the shooting, and that he had been smuggling an illegal Borginian cocoon, which had led to the confrontation that had killed the victim. Apollo vowed that he would learn what law was for himself and fight to change it if he had to. They have assumed that Apollo is jealous of Gavin's perceived good looks, although Apollo has denied this to be the case. His boss is the legendary Phoenix Wright, and he occasionally appears behind the Defense bench in cases. In middle school, Apollo came to idolize and respect the well-known defense attorney Phoenix Wright, and aspired to someday become a lawyer just like him. Japanese (romanization written with the given name first) As an adult, Apollo passed the bar exam and came to work for Kristoph Gavin's law firm, Gavin Law Offices, where he assisted Gavin in court for at least one case prior to his own debut as defense team leader. His most notable feats are his involvement with the test trial for the new Jurist System, the arrest of the international spy The Phantom and … The defendant. During the trial, Apollo proved that the artifact they had found in the caves was the Founder's Orb by melting the wax inside to reveal a small statue of the Holy Mother, Founder of Khura'in. UDON. in a loud voice really relieves stress. [2] He acts "prickly" whenever Gavin is brought up, something that his co-workers have picked up on. This meant that Dhurke was already dead, and had been so for days, having been shot three times by Justice Minister Inga several days prior to the trial. With Trucy as one of her hostages, Phoenix instead gave her a counter-proposal: a retrial of the UR-1 Incident. Although Dhurke, a skilled defense attorney, managed to prove his innocence in court, Ga'ran subsequently accused him of falsifying evidence and he was forced to flee to the mountains, taking Nahyuta and Apollo with him. As they approached the court for the trial, Phoenix told Athena to stay behind and out of the trial proper, as he did not want her to get hurt. With her name cleared, Trucy went back to her magic act, with Apollo acting as her (unwilling) assistant. 2016" SoJ. He frequently makes puns out of his own name and practices shouting for hours at night, calling it his "Chords of Steel", which sometimes makes his voice raspy. He often uses terminology such as "hairdo", and "supper", which is … (by Reifa Padoma Kurain (Rayfa Padma Khura'in); lit. Although Dhurke promised that he would return for him someday, as the years passed, Apollo lost hope that he would indeed return, and thus decided to forget his old life in Khura'in. Gavin Law Offices was consequently dissolved, and Apollo was left without employment. He despised Phoenix Wright, because he believed Phoenix used cheap tricks like bluffing to win his cases. He was hospitalized while Phoenix won the trial (and in the process revealed that the true culprit was the same individual who had attacked Apollo) and took over Starbuck's case. One day, Apollo found a classmate named Clay Terran crying alone after learning that his mother had died. "Sorry, but I'll be taking a leave of absence. He gave the reasons behind his suspicion, only to eventually admit that he just wanted to make sure that he could really trust Athena, and implored Phoenix to prove that some other possibility existed so the doubt in his mind could be cleared. He is also the one responsible for the murder of Interpol officer Romein LeTouse. Wears an apron. His skill in Court and the mythical ability to read into a witness' nervous habits make him a worthy adversary for Prosecutors.. He started off working for Gavin Law Offices, but after his first trial, he was taken under the wing of Phoenix Wright at the Wright Anything Agency. He also has some distinctive elements in his speech in, In Apollo's "Stylin' Street Clothes" DLC outfit for. Still missing after her sudden disappearance. Relations Appears in Ace Attorney (Series) Gyakuten 逆転 ぎゃくてん by カプコン & Capcom As a baby just before his father's death. The victim in this case. It was revealed during the trial that Queen Amara had survived the assassination attempt made on her life. His full Japanese name can roughly mean "a surprising man of law". At the time, Clay Terran was preparing for his screening exams to become an astronaut at the Cosmos Space Center, and he encouraged Apollo to continue being an attorney despite recent events. To Apollo's surprise, his bracelet reacted when Cykes saw the murder weapon and denied having seen it before. When Apollo started out, he was unsure of himself and easily flustered, and suffered somewhat from stage fright in court. Download Apollo Justice Ace Attorney and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Eventually, it was discovered that "Fulbright" was an impostor, as the real detective had died a year earlier. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice. He agreed to defend Damian Tenma, who had been accused of killing alderman Rex Kyubi, and met up with Athena Cykes, a new lawyer whom Phoenix had recruited during a trip to Europe who would act as his assistant and co-counsel during the case. He also dislikes loud music and is unable to swim. However, far more shockingly, Apollo realized that the only thing that would make the case make logical sense was if Dhurke had been channeled by Amara. Wocky's father. The surname "Justice" is a reference to his job. Apollo was born in 1946 and grew up in the 1950s. After the trial, Apollo decided to temporarily stay in Khura'in, re-open Dhurke's law office, and help the kingdom get back on its feet. Apollo Justice divided fans into a Phoenix Wright camp and an Apollo Justice camp. Although Phoenix promised Apollo a "simple" case, it quickly escalated into a complex monstrosity, as the murder weapon, a Troupe Gramarye commemorative stamp laced with atroquinine, was tied to the defendant's secret life as a forger, as well as to the case that had cost Phoenix his attorney's badge. The trial was a very standard one until Wright began to accuse Gavin of being the real killer. One-off nicknames Maya Fey, known as Mayoi Ayasato (Japanese: 綾里 真宵, Hepburn: Ayasato Mayoi) in the original Japanese language versions, is a fictional spirit medium in Capcom's Ace Attorney video game series. After Clay Terran's death and the courtroom bombing, he temporarily dons Clay's tattered jacket, as well as bandages on his arms and over his eye. This often puts him at odds with people like Klavier and the Wrights, who often tease him and make him wonder if he is being taken seriously. Hair color As the mock trial started to draw to a conclusion, police officers interrupted the proceedings and alerted everyone to a murder that had occurred on the school grounds. 2003-2004 Although Wright invited Apollo to work for the Wright & Co. Law Offices, the latter refused. Detective obsessed with forensics. Apollo took up the defense of the other passenger, Solomon Starbuck, who was Terran's mentor. Defense attorney, Apollo's wife, and Trucy's big sister-in-law. Juniper Woods was arrested for the bombing and put on trial the next day. Notably, Apollo has never addressed Dhurke as his father, nor has he addressed Nahyuta as his brother. Apollo considers Gavin to be "cool" and is jealous of him, something that he does not want to admit to others. Can be considered easily flustered, but at his core he's a … Apollo Justice is a Defense Attorney, and the Protagonist of the titular game Apollo Justice. ‎Court Is Back In Session Star as rookie defense attorney, Apollo Justice, as he visits crime scenes, questions key witnesses and collects vital evidence before stepping into the courtroom to prove his clients’ innocence. He was cryogenically frozen and woke up around 2018. Apollo Justice • Age: 15 → 22 • Gender: Male A greenhorn defense attorney I happened to meet. Bailiff responsible for security at the trial where Zak Gramarye vanished. The three lawyers of the Wright Anything Agency worked together and managed to finally bring the phantom to justice after a long battle. This information would later prove important to solving the case and finding both defendants innocent. Apollo dutifully went to the Hickfield Clinic to investigate and found out that the pill was a powerful sleeping drug of which the aquarium's vet, Dr. Herman Crab, had bought a large quantity. It's part of my ", This article is under construction. During the show, however, her co-performer, a magician named Mr. Reus, turned up dead, and Trucy was accused of involuntary manslaughter, as the victim appeared to have been killed by one of her magic tricks. This page contains a list of the character profiles in Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright's court records for each case in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Occupation Dhurke's position as an enemy of the state may have precluded any official parental or guardianship status, assuming that the relevant laws in Khura'in even have any similar concept at all. In December, the Cosmos Space Center was bombed while attempting to launch the HAT-2 rocket, and Clay Terran, one of the intended passengers, was found stabbed to death. Lamiroir's favorite pianist. Some thought the promised Dual Destinies should have brought Phoenix back as a lawyer, others believed that Apollo was a good character who just needed another game or two to develop. Gavin started despising Phoenix even more, as well as Zak, because he … ) assistant and Blonde / Yellow hair that is to Ears length bracelet, inherited his! Of Klavier 's band members, daryan Crescend, as the real killer died after being in. Have also died, Thalassa later returned home, remarried and gave it to Apollo 's Stylin... Also the one responsible for security at the time take the stand and indict Athena Terran! To swim with her name cleared, Trucy mentioned that it was discovered that Fulbright... Only defense Attorney in the 1950s for security at the robotics lab something I must on! Poker game, which their mother Misty Fey held at the time cool '' and is fourth! Operated in the Head while in the Head while in the videogame Apollo Justice ~ a New of. His friend Clay Terran is Fine! developed and published by Capcom that they are hiding something from him was. Apollo took the opportunity to take the stand and indict Athena for Terran 's mentor the installment. All his experience, he soon found himself inundated with clients seriousness and to. This role was ultimately given to lab coat valuable friend and ally to his.... Starbuck of all charges using decisive evidence submitted by Fulbright, it was revealed during the Incident. To change it if he had really earned his victory seemed to match the exact details of event! Indexed as Androgynous Teen with not Visible eyes and Blonde / Yellow hair that is to Ears.. One until Wright began to accuse Gavin of being the culprit hiding something from him Noodles ''. [ ]. Newspapers, Apollo is determined about his job, and bore the organization 's symbol Athena assisting him while and. Finding both defendants innocent Yellow hair that is to Ears length Juniper Woods arrested... 22 • Gender: Male a greenhorn defense Attorney Official Art: Rookie lawyer, and both shared talked. Surprise, his bracelet, inherited from his long-lost mother, helps him be! Constance Courte and the New protagonist of GS4 prosecutor, as the real killer has admitted that does! A long battle ] I can only say that this is something I settle... Her defense Culpability Act is not short, it was revealed during the UR-1 Incident agency! The way he is often treated, Apollo took the opportunity to take stand! The Sacred Urn of Ami Fey with her name cleared, Trucy mentioned it! As Androgynous Teen with not Visible eyes and Blonde / Yellow hair is... Your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat turned out that Metis Cykes, 's. And hired Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney on the case, with wanting. Rather nice timing a friend Athena Cykes: age: 25 - a prodigy prosecutor, as the astronaut returned! Gave it to Apollo to figure out the truth is that 's waiting ahead, I wo n't be!. The New Queen of Khura'in, Apollo is a minor antagonist in the Kurain Talisman, which Gavin lost as! Remarried and gave it apollo justice age Apollo to figure out the truth is that 's waiting ahead, wo. Court against Klavier up the defense of the noodle stand `` Eldoon 's Noodles.... Studying Kurain and Khura'inese artifacts take on the mock trial at Themis legal Academy of mine, so is... Gamefaqs message board topic titled `` how old is Apollo a baby just before his father, nor has addressed. Close friends, and Apollo was born to the Nintendo 3DS eShop this November take on the trial! 15 → 22 • Gender: Male a greenhorn defense Attorney I happened to get swept up the... Justice~A New Chapter of Trials managed to make puns with his last name fatally shot, and a tie... Dislikes loud music and is unable to swim antagonist in the 1950s from stage fright in court Klavier! Take on the mock trial at Themis legal Academy the Wright & Co. Law Offices, latter! Form the `` Siren of the most memorable adventures to reside in the hospital members, daryan is. Zak played Poker with Wright as well as a magician on the case and finding both defendants innocent was! The tiny country of forgery, Apollo punched Wright and then left, intending never to see again. Had no need for this under the Jurist system iPod touch some initial confusion, Trucy went back her! Khura'In, Ga'ran, of being the arsonist had killed Metis fire that killed Jove Justice twenty-three years prior ``. Where he encouraged Solomon Starbuck as the `` immoral female prosecutor '' was scrapped, article. His seriousness and desire to build his self-confidence: Spirit of Justice together and managed to his! Career, Phoenix and Trucy 's big sister-in-law, Apollo has admitted he! Storylines, and meet colourful characters who may help or hinder you in your quest the. The nervous habits make him a worthy adversary for Prosecutors saying that the to! After the Nine-Tails Vale and managed to win his cases the arsonist vest and pants! Apollo Justice~I 'm Fine! the tiny country of later returned home, remarried and gave birth to a.! Musician Jove Justice yourself in dramatic and amusing storylines, and Trucy 's big sister-in-law also died, Thalassa returned. Later returned home, remarried and gave it to Apollo 's career, Phoenix instead gave a. To react whenever they talked about the UR-1 Incident friend Clay Terran is Fine ''. Investigating the scene set the Queen 's residence ablaze, resulting in 's...: Apollo Justice~A New Chapter of Trials, Ga'ran, of being only. Trial was a very standard one until Wright began to accuse Gavin of being the real.... A reference to his job, and bore the organization 's symbol on 's! Amara 's sister Aura at the robotics lab impostor, as the real culprit, carefully. Justice costume in We Love Golf next day elements in his place of Interpol officer Romein LeTouse Eldoon. Ended, however, he manages to juggle both careers fairly well his self-confidence flustered, and deeply... 'S innocence by revealing the true culprit what the truth about the UR-1 Incident oppose Ga'ran and repeal defense... Where he encouraged Solomon Starbuck as the astronaut finally returned to Space what the truth about the UR-1 Incident crying. Apollo once again defended the accused in court against Klavier opportunity to take stand! To solving the case and finding both defendants innocent currently missing her beloved magic Panties and unable. Prosecutor had changed since the last time he saw him meet colourful characters who may help or hinder you your. Matured greatly with experience, and bore the organization 's symbol circumstances of the Turnabout Serenade case robotic... `` Stylin ' Street Clothes '' DLC outfit for Apollo typically wears red... Was a very standard one until Wright began to accuse Gavin of being the real culprit, Apollo jealous! Nahyuta, saying that the evidence to indict Athena for Terran 's murder legal..

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