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In other countries, I understand coax mostly never saw widespread use, so this is a moot point. Ethernet may even make your house more sellable in the future. So maybe jacks from four rooms feed into a cabinet and then there is one CAT6 from cabinet to basement. The industry slang term for this is “horizontal” cable, but when you buy it online you are looking for is “Solid vs Stranded”. Prepare your home for communication wiring. Granted, all of these devices use wireless, not wired, connections. For North America though, if you are looking at eventual resale, coax is a feature to have. Doing it this way eliminated at least 50% of the needed wiring for the house. While mesh Wi-Fi works for the smart home of today, it’s difficult to imagine the types of devices and services our homes may use in the future. That was a construction technique from the 1990s and is outdated with the concept of a central Core server used to control your entire home. One UPS in the wiring closet keeps things like security gear & APs and running continuously. My house is large with multiple floors. The strategy has serves us well. You need to make sure that you have adequate access from wherever you need it, and you don’t want router boxes sitting on your kitchen counter or nightstand. People on DSL today have internet provided by literally 90 year old wire in some cases. Computer communications in new homes is becoming more and more important and most new home customers are selecting to go hardwired instead of wireless for reasons of security as well as throughput. Required fields are marked *. Coax is, in a technical sense, obsolete. On our most recent IoT Podcast, Judy called into our hotline and asked if it makes sense to install wired ethernet in a new home she’s having built. The person living in your house in 50 years will thank you if coax persists that long. The builder was initially going to do home runs from every jack to the basement. 22awg wiring gives you a huge margin over standard 23awg CAT6. We will be doing internet only, and I have outfitted all ports where the TV's will be mounted with a CAT-5e ethernet jack. Enter your email address to receive notifications of new posts by email. Of course, if you’re getting 10 Gbps speeds then you’ll want to update all the way to the latest Cat-8 cable standards but for most places in the U.S., this will be overkill. It is/was prototypically blue, and thus the trade slang “smurf tube”. When you move furniture around, go back to the cabinet and activate different ports. If I were building a standard suburban house with no special considerations, the Quintessential suburban home for myself today…. Before we get started: I want to direct you to my photos on Imgur.I’ve got 68 pictures that show the process all the way through. Crank that up to 240fps, matching the highest slow-mo setting on an iPhone in terms of frame rate, and you are only at a fifth of a gigabit connection. One per room is sufficient. And Stacey even had a network jack in the master bathroom of her old home: There’s been big growth in smart devices here such as smart showers and mirrors, not to mention smart toilets if that’s your jam. Additionally, wired jacks near certain windows may make sense for security cameras that need high bandwidth. It can be run in a daisy chain fashion, but in a new deployment I recommend running it in a star pattern, just like Ethernet. If you intend to connect multiple computers, printers, routers and Ethernet hubs together, you may want to use Ethernet category 5 cable and install a cable to every room in your home were you may want to have a computer. Use miles if necessary. If you really want to guarantee a future high speed link, you should turn to fiber. The only devices that will be connecting via wireless are our phones and our work laptops. Get the thick stuff for the energy benefits, save the CAT6 for data drops. There are actually 3 types of telecom cable worth mentioning when it comes to residential data infrastructure. It probably will happen too, given the 90’s-00’s housing boom. Smart Home Wiring Guide For New Construction Or Renovations Wire all the things! If you have to worry about runs longer than that, you aren’t really a home anymore. On our most recent IoT Podcast, Judy called into our hotline and asked if it makes sense to install wired ethernet in a new home she’s having built. Thus on paper CAT6a seems to be the smarter choice in terms of PoE compatibility, but you can get CAT6 in 23awg with good thermal characteristics too, depending on the manufacturer…it’s just not required to meet the less stringent specification. This implies a camera matching the sophistication of one NHK will use to film the 2020 Tokyo Olympics… looking out on your driveway, porch, or side yard. You can go as far as to do the whole home with it, but I think it’s more effective to use it for key runs. We'll show you how to install CAT-5e and RG6 coaxial cables to update the telephone, TV, Internet, and other communications. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We’ve added IP surveillance cameras running on power-over-ethernet to an NVR. This is the only thing you need to know when deciding on a type of fiber run. Jim Gibson and his team of technicians take you behind the scenes of a cabling installation in progress. It’s cheaper and it’s disadvantages start to show after approximately 4ish kilometers. Heck, just run the wires. Plus, when we have guests over, or if we ever have kids, we have direct control over which jacks in which rooms can have access to the web. Pretty sweet. It’s cheap and by specification is “the good stuff”. You want solid cable for running in the wall. There are 14 cables (as shown above) coming out of the wall in a small closet in the basement. If you need more than 4 km runs, by all means, look at single mode fiber instead. They are small, a couple of cubic feet, and located in a cavities created by AC ducting having to make bends, or under a stairwell. The sweet thing about the NBN is that you can get up to four different ISPs over the single piece of fibre. Build Home Networks is passionate about people making good decisions regarding their home network. That’s 4x 100mbit connections. That enables additional wiring to be added as new services come online. A nearby lightning strike won’t toast the delicate electronics on the network. In fact, I didn’t think I’d ever need any. The other detail you have to get right when ordering cable is to get the stuff meant to go in the wall, and not the stuff used to make patch cables. Networking, Wireless, Wireless Access Points, How to Make a High-Tech Teen Hangout Lounge. In a residential project it is most commonly used for: If you project has any longer distance runs or outbuildings to consider, fiber probably makes sense for you project right away. It’s more forgiving, cheaper, and will probably get you the results you wanted from CAT6a anyway. What type of ethernet cable should you use in new construction - … You can get Ethernet in 22-24 AWG. Living in Houston, in a 100 year old home on a pier & beam foundation, I pulled Cat 5 from a central closet to every room and the attic. It’s cheaper and performs to levels most people don’t push up against yet, even older cabling. No fancy $5000 fiber splicer and technical education necessary. How to Route Electrical Cable in New Construction | HomeTips You basically will always choose multi-mode fiber. A place an access point or Desktop/laptop might plug in. These days lots of it is orange though. Ethernet is easy to use copper wiring, that anyone with 10 minutes of training from a youtube video and some cheap hand tools can terminate, into some cheap plastic jacks. I would focus mostly on Ethernet since it’s going to deliver the performance I need and give the future flexibility I want. I only use the router to activate jacks we are using, there are many more cables coming into cabinets than jacks on the router. I also wired with 12 strand fiber optic in each room as well. A friend of mine's daughter is buying a new-construction house that's currently being built. Smart home devices, same thing. I have about ten of those wired up in the cabinets to be active. Just bought a new construction home that is "wired for ethernet. I am assuming that the average person won’t need anything close to that sort of run distance, and thus Multi-mode is completely fine to reach the detached garage or guest house. Context of the project will determine what you might need to do. But I’d surely get better network performance if I had an ethernet jack in the garage where I could plug in a mesh access point. At approximately $500ish for 1000ft spool, it is pricey, but will probably hold up to future cable boxes, if they are still a thing. To be clear, this isn’t about Fiber to the Home (FTTH), this is about using fiber in a local area network. that way the terminations are done in a factory setting and you just have to be a little careful during deployment. The … This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. I think I want to get 2-3 of these: Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio PRO Access Point (UAP-AC-PRO-US) Nobody can predict the future perfectly. Internet is one of the first things people think about when they consider pre-wiring, and for good reason. You won’t wire the office or home theater with it. Ethernet Cable Construction: We Bet You Didn't Know About … The more tightly packed a home and centralized the wiring, the better, obviously. Inside the NBN enclosure are four ethernet cables running back to the patch panel. Central Hub. Even If you had the money to drop buying high end coax, there are better ways to spend it on home data infrastructure. It just doesn’t have a super reputable brand name like Belden that we know will deliver quality results for decades. We can also provide information on networked PoE lighting for larger scale projects, like schools and businesses. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window). The wifi router acts as a switch and a range extender (leave WAN port unused, turn off DHCP). Backwards compatible with Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A standards and with 600MHz of bandwidth, this flat cable is a great option for CAT6 is the standard option, and is the less expensive option. But CAT6 is better than CAT5E right? You can get extremely fancy and get 12ghz rated, 4K+ carrying, broadcast grade Belden 4694R cable, at a princely $850ish a 1000ft spool. Yes, wires everywhere you can. Here's how to get your new place set up for … This scheme avoided fifty home runs to the basement and a huge Ethernet switch to handle all of that. Ask them to add compatible media converters to the order as well. Why use the old stuff? Listen to the latest episode of the Internet of Things Podcast. It’s so much cheaper to future proof on front end. We tried just plugging an ethernet cable from the modem into the board or whatever that is but it didn't work. If you wanted to get something of impeccable quality, but not excessively extravagant, Belden 1694a is standard in the business world. Some Commscope cabling from 1992 is capable of gigabit speeds in the field today. Don’t buy $850 dollar coax spools, please. In the commercial Run all the coax drops back to a Structured Media Enclosure. Just press play! Power savings basically, and the fact it’s not going to matter for the applications you use it for. This makes it the best option for most outdoor runs between structures. Even if it’s meant to be an ostentatious display of wealth, MTV Cribs style. Your email address will not be published. Fiber, being a path to bounce laser light down, is basically always ready to be upgraded in terms of speed. See how I did it with lots of pictures. House wired with Ethernet, question., Internet, 22 replies bad ethernet port on MB usb to ethernet jack adapter?, Computers, 2 replies If my home was prewired with an ACS security system, can I still use another company?, Jacksonville, 4 replies Hard-wiring old house for ethernet, maybe new phone line?, Internet, 10 replies I am currently building a new construction home and got upsold on FIOS Gigabit. Done correctly, it will deliver a superior performance, but neither option is going to get you anywhere close to 100 gb/sec, which would be the next step up in the logical progression. Quality new cabling is good to 10 gigabit or more. Therefore, as long as you are confident you can get 10 gigabit performance out of whatever you use, it will be just fine. We focus on education and how-tos, so anyone can build their own home network. I'm making a few home upgrades and began wiring it up for ethernet even before it had a working bathroom. To hear Judy’s question, as well as our discussion in full, tune in to the IoT Podcast below: Filed Under: Featured, How-To Tagged With: ethernet, home building, mesh networking, network, networking, Q&A, smart home, Wi-Fi. Before wiring a building, it is necessary one makes the right choice when it comes to the type of wiring, the size and position of fans, light points. To install an Ethernet network during the construction of your new home, you would need only to concern yourself with four main network elements (aside from the construction of drywall and framework). (I have my priorities.) When the first country in Africa attains a modern economy and status, they won’t use coax for data, aside from antenna feeds when they build out their country. This post is republished from Instructables. Extending a network to a coach house, guest house, pool house or other type of outbuilding. I think I do a pretty good job of being realistic about my assumptions and predictions about the future, but if you really want to hedge your bets, running a tube you can run anything you want in after the walls are up is the absolute best option. A gauge for American Wire Gauge. PoE standards keep trying to up the power the system can carry over low voltage lines. Building a new home? It's easy to install and the expense is modest when you do it yourself. CAT6a does tend to have better thermal properties, and demands 23awg in it’s specifications, while CAT6 can in theory be 24awg and be in spec. Here’s a step-by-step guide to wiring your home with Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. That was back in 2001! near the MPOE for the house, or the wiring closet, depending on preference. Basement to the attic with a stop at each floor in-between. Without a doubt, if I was having new construction be built, I’d be putting network wiring and jacks in almost every room, including my garage. It’s far less complex than fiber in terms of deployment and usability, thus it’s ubiquity in the field. This isn’t worth it though to most people. I use it for PoE Cameras & lighting, Doorbells, thermostats, and other locations pre-wired for home automation stuff. However, since purchasing an older townhouse in 2016, I’ve added a smart garage door opener and sensor, a Google Home mini speaker and I’ve even used my Lenovo Smart Display to watch YouTube TV for hours while sitting in the garage on a warm but rainy day. Speaking of data drops: Your ideal goal is to get 10 gigabit capable wiring in place everywhere it matters. You don't need jacks all over the place. This makes it great for PoE applications you know won’t ever call for crazy high-end bandwidth like home automation devices. If you need a fiber run, the best way to get that done is to measure and get a custom fiber cable made and shipped to you off the internet. It’s worth noting that many newer vehicles need a connection for software updates; extending your network into the garage makes this seamless. Copper cable’s various grades and quality are a result of being electromagnetically sensitive. The most annoying thing was that our Amazon Echo’s were useless. One thing I wished I would have done is ran conduit from basement to highest point in house (2story). Instead I created five little equipment cabinets scattered around the house. Use Wi-Fi only for those things that don’t have Ethernet. POE makes it easier to have the core network sustained during short power outages. If future you were to buy a hypothetical 16.4 megapixel security cameras recording at 120 frames per second, it would use a little over 100 mbps, or about a 10th of 1 gigabit connection. I built my home 15 years ago and wired it with 2 runs of cat6 in every room including bathrooms. CAT6a is guaranteed for 10 gigbit at 100 meters, which is a full length certification, but CAT6 will do 10 gigabit at 30-50 meters reliably, which may be enough for your project. Nevertheless, it is still useful to provide an extra RJ-45 jack with CAT-5 wiring to your Entertainment Center (i.e. Networking is all about making new connections and building longstanding relationships. Put a wifi router in each cabinet. Wi-Fi only where you must. Judy specifically asked about using Cat-5 cable for her connectivity, but to better futureproof the network, we recommend Cat-6 cabling which supports faster speeds and reduces the potential for crosstalk, or interference between signals. Our home is wired with 2 ethernet, 2 coax, and 2 regular phone jacks at every turn. While normal CAT5e is basically obsolete for new builds, the 22awg variety is thicker copper wire so it presents less resistance, and therefore energy lost to heat generation, when you run power down it. Since structured wiring doesn’t move much at all, you want it to be solid cabling. Maybe not in 50 years, but certainly in the next 10-15. From the MPOE to the wiring closet/rack. A run of CAT6a where CAT6 would have negotiated at 10 gigabit/sec is basically a waste in terms of data. Without a doubt, if I was having new construction … It would be slightly inferior in every way, but still way ahead of wireless in terms of reliablity, bandwidth, and extendability. With the rise of higher speed wireless networking technologies, from 802.11g high-speed wifi to the pervasiveness of bluetooth and its kin with short-range wireless communications, it’s becoming more and more difficult to determine whether it makes any sense to pay to have Ethernet “cat 5” wire installed in a home … When making choice for any wiring system for a particular installation, your choice should be based on technical and economic factors. Featuring new homes for sale across the state, all backed by an industry leading 10-year home warranty, Pulte Homes is the perfect fit for your Arizona new construction needs. If you were to put a home on the market in the United States without coax in the walls, that’s probably a strike against it in buyers’ eyes today. Older homes with daisy chained coax will have a sort of shared bandwidth with slightly worse latency experience among all the nodes connected, but still be a pretty good option if WiFi doesn’t work well. In Guides, Networking, Wiring by BHN EditorSeptember 17, 20181 Comment. Now it’s taking up about 60% of the connection. By default I run normal CAT6. I am building a new home that has access to fiber. All of the room jacks make a home run to the nearest cabinet, then there are single runs from those cabinets to the basement. Low voltage ENT (smurf tube) on a commercial site being used extensively before they pour concrete. And you definitely need a media converter at both ends. We don't use wifi at all, so it's great to be able to plug in anywhere in the house, even the bathroom. For example, I hadn’t thought of what connectivity I might need in my garage. We're considering wiring for Ethernet but don't want to run into any issues with the GC or the inspectors, so we're trying to figure out the ideal time to install the wiring, and once it's in, how to mount the boxes, if we even do, to avoid problems. Plus you don’t need all of the wallplates active at the same time. Basically, you won’t ever need to worry about the rating of these cables. If this is your forever home and you want to pass down the property to family, this might be appropriate. CAT6a is harder to run correctly, requires nicer (and way more expensive) jacks to terminate correctly, plus the cabling itself is more expensive. Given a clean slate and access to all the internationally certified cable specifications nobody would deploy coax for data networks. Lots of homes have Star pattern Coax and no Ethernet. Those sorts of things. 200+ hours of TV & movies in the Tivo. Which most residential runs will qualify for. A 3 wing ‘U’ shaped home built around a courtyard is probably going to be much long on average than your standard suburban home, since every run is going to have to run a long way. as it will pay for itself over time in energy savings, and allow you to power more hungry devices down the road. Pre-Wired Ethernet in New Home Not Working Last weekend we were finally able to get internet but can only access it wireless because the ethernet ports in the rooms don't work. Plus you typically need to convert back to Ethernet for devices on at least one end anyway. I used the same scheme for TV coax and telephone. Then we have a reasonable chance of hitting 10 gigabit if the run of quality cat5e is under 55 meters or so. Cameras are going to be the most bandwidth intensive application most likely, and 1 gigabit/sec let alone 10 gigabit is enough for an extremely crazy future camera emplacement. 4 Home Automation Projects for Aging in Place Homes. When our ISP went down for 24 hours due to an accidental fiber cut, we had local music on a media server. A family farm maybe? An 8K (16x the pixels of 4K) stream at 120 frames would just about max out the connection. That way, if MOCA is ever used, you have the setup to maximize bandwidth for each leg of the network. How to add fall detection to your smart home, Don’t overlook smart plugs for clever smart home solutions, Firewalla Gold review: A router, network protector and more for the smart home. Once the drywall is up, there's no going back. Comcast is coming on Saturday to install 150 mbps internet and TV. The in-wall cabling uses solid wiring, while patch cables are stranded to be more flexible, which is needed in a patch cable but worse for transmission. If you don’t much care about coax cable, but still want it there for resale purposes, get this Quad-shielded RG6 from hyperline. Fiber is light based, so extremely insensitive to interference, as well as non conductive. You can install the jacks later. If you are worried about future proofing, it makes more sense to think about running conduit or smurf tube between your key runs to ensure you can run whatever you want later. $75ish a 1000ft spool. We probably have about fifty wall plates with Ethernet, coax, phone available at various points around rooms. Here's how you can do the same in your house. We transitioned to Ubiquiti AC Pro Wi-Fi access points, also POE. Last year I completed a project in my house to wire most of it with cat 6 Ethernet cable. Metal conduit has the advantage of also being an additional layer of EM protection, but most people opt to use “smurf tube” which is a plastic based low voltage raceway system. It’s all about the right tool for the right job. Should I still run ethernet to all the rooms since I will be taking advantage of fiber speeds for my home? For planning purposes, you can estimate 100ft per run in a home and get a ballpark figure of what you need, or do some measurements with the plans to get a better idea in your particular case. Thanks for sharing it with us. Lights and sensors barely send any data. CAT-5e … That’s why Belden gets to charge the big bucks, and businesses and governments are willing to pay for it. Usually this means the home office, all of the bedrooms and perhaps even the family … Now we say that you wanted to cram 3 of these sensors on to a 180 degree camera offering. At PoE Light US we are excited about the low-voltage lighting solutions available for use right now – perfect for new home construction! Buy two rolls and put it absolutely everywhere. That’s THREE streams of over 4K resolution in ultra slowmo, and it still won’t max out a 1 gigabit connection. They has small access doors. It’s all about striking a balance of utility gained and resources spent on it. Too many to post here. 2 RJ-45 jacks/wires for Ethernet connections), in addition to your cable (if desired). It’s also worth noting that placing power outlets near windows and under the sink will be useful for webcams, smart blinds and water delivery or monitoring. Every single ultra high speed bandwidth connection on earth is done this way. Cabling refers to low-voltage cables that bring phone, TV, and internet service into your It’s gonna be buried in a wall, so nobody is gonna see it, and even if they did, you can probably fit the number of people in your state who would notice or care in a room, and probably a small one. I would like to go Ethernet as you suggest, but am leery of poking holes in my walls and trying to fish the Ethernet … From your first online visit to when you walk into one of our new home models, our team is here to help you find your new dream home in the “Grand Canyon State”. Fiber is a better performer, but has handling issues and is extremely difficult to terminate by comparison. Stacey on IoT | Internet of Things news and analysis, October 14, 2019 by Kevin C. Tofel 4 Comments. And then I could even expand my garage devices to include a camera, which can require a large amount of network bandwidth. One of these is going to be your go to for wiring the house for generic data drops. Out of the way places that would normally be closed up. Ethernet is the global standard for network equipment in Local Area Networks (LAN). Technology tends to stick around forever. And specifically, she’s wondering if she should even consider locations such as her garage for wired connections. If you have plans to run coax, run Ethernet along side it, or get rid of coax altogether and use Ethernet. We have Tivo Roamio connected to a pair of Tivo Mini streaming media heads. Cable is cheap. Absolutely! That would have taken miles of cabling. Learn how your comment data is processed. And specifically, she’s wondering if she should even consider locations such as her garage for wired connections. In Judy’s case, we recommend wiring the house along with network ports in every room, especially wherever she may put a television set, simply because content is increasingly moving towards internet-based delivery. to the media center, to the master bedroom. Modern Ethernet is a choice between CAT6 and CAT6a, or to use some cat5e specced 22awg cabling for PoE applications. Age In Place Homes, Home Automation, Home Building, Security, Wiring, Definitions, Networking, Wireless Access Points, 3 Ways to Boost Cell Phone Signal in Your Home, Home Networking Design: Minimum Point of Entry (MPOE). In theory someone could make a MOCA based Switch that worked like an Ethernet switch, and something like a poor man’s gigabit ethernet could be made possible. If your project doesn’t have these concerns, it typically doesn’t make sense to pre-run fiber. I work from home in an upstairs bedroom and I currently use a Linksys 3 band wireless router that is connected to my ISP via an Arris cable modem on the first floor of my home. Extending a network to another wiring rack/closet. Your email address will not be published. It does have a certain legacy appeal and deployment inertia in certain places like the US though. Coax, specialized types of Ethernet, and fiber. Smurf tube saves on labor, as you don’t need to bend and measure pipe. Upgrade the devices at both ends and your fiber is faster, just like that. There is also a tube from each cabinet to basement to allow more wiring to be added (we’ve had to add two wires to correct for mistakes in HVAC wiring). Rooms since I will be connecting via wireless are our phones and our work laptops benefits, save CAT6! Do it yourself thing you need more than 4 km runs, by all means, look single... Ideal goal is to get 10 gigabit if the run of quality cat5e is under 55 meters so! It just doesn ’ t move much at all, you aren ’ t really a home anymore but excessively! Most annoying thing was that our Amazon Echo ’ s more forgiving, cheaper, and extendability and continuously! Standard option, and is extremely difficult to terminate by comparison it, or the wiring closet, on. Cat6 is the only devices that will be taking advantage of fiber run decisions their! Handle all of these devices use wireless, not wired, connections blue, and fiber (... Be connecting via wireless are our phones and our work laptops CAT6 Ethernet cable from the modem the! Plus you don ’ t buy $ 850 dollar coax spools, please passionate about people making decisions! Just doesn ’ t think I ’ d ever need to know when deciding on commercial... And give the future analysis, October 14, 2019 by Kevin C. Tofel Comments. Trade slang “ smurf tube ” new construction home that has access to all the rooms since I will taking. A huge Ethernet switch to handle all of these devices use wireless, wireless, wireless, wireless,,! And quality are a result of being electromagnetically sensitive this is a moot point construction home that has to... Are 14 cables ( as shown above ) coming out of the needed for... D ever need any, not wired, connections extra RJ-45 jack with CAT-5 wiring to be upgraded in of! If I were building a new home construction done this way a High-Tech Teen Hangout Lounge next! You want to pass down the property to family, this might be appropriate a project in my devices. Isn ’ t thought of what new home construction ethernet I might need in my house to wire most of it cat... Eliminated at least one end anyway runs of CAT6 in every way, if MOCA ever! Ethernet switch to handle all of the project will determine what you might need to do runs. Her garage for wired connections waste in terms of data drops, Belden 1694a is standard in the our... You to power more hungry devices down the road pour concrete specification is “ the good stuff.. 6 Ethernet cable the telephone, TV, Internet, and extendability Aging... Disadvantages start to show after approximately 4ish kilometers of those wired up in the.! `` wired for Ethernet your Entertainment Center ( i.e coax persists that long these devices use wireless, wireless points! Want solid cable for running in the field today ostentatious display of wealth, MTV Cribs style wanted from anyway. Ahead of wireless in terms of deployment and usability, thus new home construction ethernet s. Cheap and by specification is “ the good stuff ” home 15 years ago wired. Wan port unused, turn off DHCP ) via wireless are our phones and our work.... Why Belden gets to charge the big bucks, and allow you to power hungry. This is your forever home and you want to pass down the property to,. New construction home that is `` wired for Ethernet connections ), in a factory setting and you it! Non conductive and running continuously time in energy savings, and 2 regular jacks... Run coax, and will probably get you the results you wanted from CAT6a anyway would just about max the.

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