reactor jacket volume calculation

As far as the volume, is considered , it is the product of area of the vessel using hydraulic mean diameter and height of the vessel. It is written that the cost of refrigeration is maximum 13.11$/GJ whereas the cost of LP steam is shown as $14.05/GJ. Filled to depth d with liquid of density δ force / unit volume; tangential edge support. Typically the stronger half-pipe design is recom-mended for those applications. Designcalculation begin with an assumed flow velocity between 2 and 5 ft/s.As a rule of thumb the jacket pressure will be governing when internalpressure of vessel is less than 1.67 times the jacket pressure. and do you know what is the L/D for plug flow reactors I mean can I use 1.2-1.6 for PFR ?Thanks, Hey Mr.Anonymous,there wont be any reference for that, i've considered it based on many design, that i've seen, and also mostly, it will be considered in between 1.05 to 1.1,PFR dont have an agitator, and composition will vary along the length, then L/D doesn't make any sense.Regards,PHARMA ENGINEERING, Hello dear KumarThanks again for your helpIn your excel, for calculation of D, you used 0.8 coefficient.please tell why you did it. May I know how to calculate the Heat transfer area of a round bottomed spherical reactor? All variables defining tank shapes required for tank volume calculations are defined in the “Variables and Definitions” sidebar. Accordingly, a course entitled "Modern Developments in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer" was given at the University of California to present signifi... Major research advances in heat transfer and fluid dynamics are outlined, with particular reference to relevant energy problems. ... Agitated liquid volume (m 3). It is given that the heat transfer area of the jacket is 200 sq. The design of a chemical reactor deals with multiple aspects of chemical engineering. The reactor is insulated on the top and bottom, and its cylindrical part is partly jacketed. 3.5 Calculate the reactor volumes required to process 100 liter/min of 3 molar A in the aqueous reaction A → 2B for PFTR and CSTR reactors. !Regards,AJAY K, Dear sir,Can u plz provide the path for determining the desired heat transfer area of condensers (any utility)for the distillation of any specific solvent, Dear Ashish,pl follow the link and go through the post, any queries pl feel free to comment, For your information, i'm leaking out a thumb rule, if you want to select a condenser for a reactor just double the reactor capacity, that's it......!! The minimum final volume does not fall below the tangent line of the bottom head. And now we got the Heat transfer Area of Cylinder, and we still need to calculate the Heat transfer surface of the Torispherical Dish, ( / 4) x ((1.147 x D)^2) = (3.141/4) x ((1.147 x 0.5576)^2), Total heat transfer area of the reactor = Area of cylinder + Area of torispherical dish, Specially for my Visitors or Readers, we have simulated the Calculation of heat transfer area calculation, Download this. I agree with the views expessed by Dr. E.M. Miguel Solis Aleman, regaring the use of the term hdyraulic mean diameter. Dear ajay you did'nt get my actual point .let me explain you .we are having a stripping column in which the brine is feeded from the top and steam is used for stripping purpose .the vapour bromine gets condensed and get recovered from the condensers .the brine is feed normally at 98 degree centigrade and the effluent at the bottom of the column reached upto 108 degree and is passed through phe and feed brine which is at 30 degree is pass through the phe and utilize the heat of effluent and get 98 in degree centigrade.and outlet effluent gets 45in degree after heat transfer through phe to bittern / brinehope u get the exact idea about the flow across phe .

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