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I’ve only gone to enough to count with my two hands, but each one of them has turned me into a phony spaz. There are ways to explain that perfectionism is your greatest weakness that really demonstrate authenticity. After all, perfectionists work hard to make everything, well, perfect. After all, perfectionists work hard to make everything, well, perfect. Read More: The Best Way to Talk About Your Strengths and Weaknesses in a Job Interview, Jessica Taylor is the annoying friend who responds "seen it" to every link you send her. Whether you’re a team leader who sends a task back for tweaks multiple times, or you’re a staffer who can’t turn something in until you’ve examined it repeatedly, your co-workers might lose their appreciation for your hard work after a while. Like all strengths there can be a point at which it does in fact become a weakness. And then, you can point to this lesson in your next interview, admitting perfectionism is a weakness, but explaining how working on it has made you a better employee all around. Giving more than one weakness. Updated: Sep 26, 2019. After graduating with a BA in public relations from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Jessica went on to earn her MBA and is a corporate communications professional in Phoenix, Ariz. She’s reportedly allergic to cold weather and anything sci-fi related, and known to travel great distances to see the Red Sox play. Focusing on every detail is tiring, but you also can’t stop. Perfectionists tend to believe that anything short of perfection is horrible, and that even minor imperfections will lead to catastrophe. But without time to breathe between projects, you’ll never have a moment to think back and improve. After all, perfectionists work hard to make everything, well, perfect. c. Name a trait that will have no real impact on your work: I get really nervous speaking in front of large groups. Trying to gather all the information before considering taking your first action. d. And - hint - it does NOT involve pretending that being a perfectionist is a personal weakness. More on measuring perfectionism Most … If you’re a perfectionist yourself you’ll easily be able to relate. However, by presenting the symptoms, rather than just naming the affliction, you’ll sound much more sincere. In order to get a pair of glasses on our inner perfectionist, then, we have to add a few hues to every relationship, event, and goal: we have to … And if you are? Perfectionism isn’t some “strength disguised as a weakness,” it’s a problematic perspective that can have serious implications. For example, most people believe it is important to try to do one’s best and not make mistakes. It’ll make you more productive and a better colleague if you master the practice. Follow up that weakness with what you are doing to improve. I was labouring over the details and in turn, caused my manager to be stressed when I almost missed the deadline on my deliverables. 811 Views ... For years this trait has been disguised as a strength because in the end perfectionist type individuals are focused. How to answer the "what are your weaknesses" job interview question. If you really want to impress the interviewer, you need to come up with a unique answer. Thus, not all aspects of perfectionism are n eurotic, unhealthy, or maladaptive. In a work context, perfectionists might find it difficult to get started, to finish, or to meet deadlines. ", you don't want to respond, "I tend to work too hard," or "I am too much of a perfectionist.". 4 Key Advantages Of Perfectionists Think about your last big project — you probably mulled over the meat of it for quite some time, but how many hours did you spend tweaking fonts, designing slides, changing the colors of bar graphs, etc.? However, this response only scratches the surface of a real answer. You use perfection to get yourself out of a bad situation, it's how nature intended, survival of the fittest. These tiny tasks are just begging you to let your perfectionist side out, but they’re a time suck that draws you away from bigger to-dos. Perfectionist Leaders Can Cause Team Frustration and Uncertainty A perfectionist leader likes things to be “just right”. It’s cliché to get the “I’m a perfectionist” answer when you ask candidates to tell you about their 3 biggest weaknesses in a job interview.It’s a difficult question, but “perfectionism”, too often overlooked is not a trivial weakness at all.It is one of our biggest enemies, no I mean, seriously. It will help you let go of your perfectionism, too, if you admit it’s normal to make missteps along the way. What is it about this project that takes precedent? Being a perfectionist is a weakness. And more than anything, they’re looking for a real person. 閱讀中文版本. I learned the hard way back then, but I did learn. Employment experts reveal how to answer the 'weakness' question in interview They said you should never say you're a perfectionist you don't look … Let’s get the biggest negative out of the way first. This article first appeared on Punched Clocks. Perfectionism, on the other hand, involves a tendency to set standards that are so high they either cannot be met or are only met with great difficulty.Perfectionists tend to believe that anything short of perfection is horrible, and that even minor imperfections will lead to catastrophe. Perfectionism is a real weakness, and I know this because I’m actually a perfectionist. Spending all those hours on the details undoubtedly pulled you away from another project or presentation that deserved more of an effort than you could give it in the long run. Why is perfectionism a weakness? Here’s the thing: Chances are, telling a hiring manager that perfectionism is your greatest weakness won’t surprise him or her—and it might come off as sounding like an overly rehearsed cliché. It might be a challenge as a self-proclaimed perfectionist, but giving yourself credit for the hard work you do is a well-deserved part of the process that will make you feel even better about the time and effort you put into whatever task you’ve just finished. The best method to solve this problem is to set up time limits on getting a certain work done. Is it correct that a perfectionist could also have a personality disorder such as narcissism? However, this response only scratches the surface of a real answer. It also doesn’t offer much of a true insight into your work style or personality (especially if half the other candidates are giving the same response). You know your biggest weakness is perfectionism … but you can avoid the cliché and point to what, specifically, is holding you back and share all the steps you’re taking to make it better. Since top interview questions like this are so awkward to answer, let's take the time to go through a few examples to fully grasp their dual nature. Posted Nov 07, 2013 So, let’s dig in — here are four ways perfectionism works against you in the office, and one big way to make it work for you. I hate job interviews. I would then say that I am a perfectionist, but I can't really think of any reasoning as to why that is a bad thing that would be appropriate for me to say in the interview without leading to negative reflection amongst the interviewers. You can deliver a more effective and unique answer by explaining that you tend to be extra critical of your own work, that you have a propensity to overthink projects before diving in, or that you always like to deliver an exceptional product, which means you’re often working up against … That causes you to take a backseat in your career, and perhaps in other aspects of life, too, because it’s safer to stick with what you know. If you’re always go, go, going with projects in this way, you never have time to reflect on the things you could have done differently. If they are, in fact, a perfectionist, they are assuming their ideal of perfection is Disguise your strength as a weakness: I'm a perfectionist. So, here’s how to answer instead. Undoubtedly, these answers will come across as both insincere, and lacking true self-awareness. In a work context, perfectionists might … A more relaxed approach will make things better for your state of mind and the states of mind of everyone with whom you work. Perfectionism is just as much of a strength as it is a weakness. perfectionism into two dimensions as perfectionist striving a positive one and perfectionist concern a negative one. These people (perfectionists) tend to seek out perfectionism in others as well, and are not typically understanding when others are not as fast, smart, or as perfect as they view themselves. Many people go with this response because it appears to give them the ability to spin a negative into a positive. This type of reflection can actually enhance your workplace performance, which is great news for perfectionists. When an interviewer asks you, "What is your greatest weakness? Perfectionists are really slow when it comes to getting their job done. I'm applying for a new job and I am preparing myself for the interview. The obvious advantages of a perfectionist in the workplace include their strong motivation, willingness to work longer hours and high engagement. Some of the advantages of being a perfectionist include: Being highly organized Like all strengths there can be a point at which it does in fact become a weakness. (And then following up with all the ways you’re actively seeking to improve this trait, of course.). In short, if you can answer authentically, connect with your interviewer, and provide a personal insight—it’ll go much, much further than some canned response. Perfectionism 4 Difficulties of Being a Perfectionist Trying to be perfect is where your troubles begin. Perfectionism: A Strength as Well as A Weakness. There are ways to explain that perfectionism is your greatest weakness that really demonstrate authenticity.

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