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Find him again at the entrance of Daguerreo and he will identify himself as Gilgamesh and will reward you with the Rank S Reward. Near the beginning of the game after completing the Evil Forest, you will obtain the Moogle Flute from Monty. By challenging everyone in Alexandria, Dali, Lindblum, Treno, Cleyra, Conde Petie and the Black Mage Village, you should obtain this trophy in Black Mage Village before even completing Disc 2. If you leave it until later when the story forces you to, you will miss some ATEs she features in. 3M11 and 2P10 You will start out in Chocobo's Forest, which can first be accessed after you leave Lindblum in Disc 1, before progressing to Chocobo's Lagoon and then Chocobo's Air Garden. If necessary, an ATE is followed by a note on how to unlock it if it requires special circumstances. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. By nullNOVA. Throughout an average playthrough of the game, you will kill anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 enemies but this is dependant on how much you grind. Firstly, you will need to find every single hidden treasure in the game. Firstly, go to the Theatre District as Zidane to start the 12-minute timer. You must enter the front door and talk to the Burmecians to ensure you receive an ATE for. Entering this menu will not pause the timer but pressing will, which is handy to know in case you need to take a break. You need to turn in the signs in Treno to obtain the trophies. After 10 coins, you will receive the Earning the Queen's Favour trophy and after 13 coins you will earn this trophy. If Blank is only shouting out and , the chances of getting a good score diminish. From then on, any time you visit a beach, pressing will replenish the party's HP and MP and remove any abnormal status effects. Finding opponents is easy. Go to the porch in Eiko's house and Lani will run away. Beating the Ragtime Blues On the east part of the Outer Continent, in the desert region, a peninsula juts south towards the Mist Continent. Follow Your Nose Win 100 Tetra Master matches. Catching 99 different frogs will earn you this trophy. Turn around and walk clockwise until you hear a chime and so on. The second is in the Outer Continent between Conde Petie and the Black Mage Village. Ragtime Mouse appears randomly in the forests on the world map. Head back to the Treno Auction House and win the Magical Fingertip when it comes up for auction. To find Mognet Central, you will need a mountain (red) chocobo (see Diggin' It for more information) and a Dead Pepper. Also, the two jump rope trophies are missable. Each Chocograph Chest, Crack, or Bubbles count as 2 point. for details on where to find these) and activate the High Speed and 9,999 damage boosters. When you win, you can choose which of their card you want to take (or you will take them all if you get a 'Perfect' by capturing all of their cards during the match). Until level 70 or so, Hippaul is rather slow and can be beaten rather easily and quickly. First and foremost, Final Fantasy IX has a good number of missable trophies/achievements, so it’s going to be important to keep multiple saves throughout the game. Pet Nametags, Magical Lamps, Solomon Rings, Girl Next Door magazines, Hungry Cookpots are notable examples I don't think there's much more you can do for her … Mini can't be prevented but can be easily healed with Quina's Angel's Snack. Hippolady will count down and when the race begins, you must press and in quick succession to move Vivi towards the finish line before Hippaul. You can obtain this trophy on your first visit during Disc 2 but you may not have enough Gil for it and regardless, you will need to win five different key items at a later time to obtain Excalibur (see Sword of Kings for more information) so it might be a good idea to wait until a later time. Immediately kill Zidane and Freya (the quickest way to do this is just by attacking yourself) then Vivi will win by default and net you this trophy. To obtain the Athlete Queen, Vivi must race Hippaul in the streets of Alexandria until he reaches level 80. On top of this, it is able to use Grand Cross, which can inflict almost every status ailment in the game so be sure that you have all ailment preventing abilities equipped on your whole party. In the Treno Auction House, you can bid on and win valuable items e.g. 2P10. Now equip it as your active Chocograph and go to the long North/South-stretching island west of the Forgotten Continent (the one with the chocobo tracks). It will also not use status ailments that the whole party is immune to so consider only equipping your physical attackers with the Bright Eyes ability but your whole party should have the Clear Headed ability equipped to avoid getting confused. A little way South-West into the ocean from here, there is a cluster of bubbles. He will give you his Tetra Master card and some scenes involving Mene and Choco will play out. After you've navigated your way through Memoria and have defeated Maliris, Tiamat, Kraken and Lich, you will find yourself in the Crystal World. Thus you will get four times as much EXP if you kill a Grand Dragon with one character as you would with the whole party being alive or in more simple terms, this trophy will only take a quarter of the time to earn. If you find a further four items in the time limit for a total of 8, Mene will stop you and claim you are driving him out of business. The difficulty spikes around halfway through Disc 3 and bosses start having a lot more health than 9,999, which means even if you hit for 9,999 they will have a turn and likely annihilate your party in one attack thanks to your very low HP. By far, the most annoying trophy/achievement in Final Fantasy IX is Movie Critic, which requires you to view 79 Active Time Events (ATEs). After waiting until the clock runs down to 4:30, enter the Plaza and fight the Zaghnol. And since you can use both in battle, you can easily W-Item Dupe them. Ocean bubbles He will be shocked that you've reached Rank S and will run away. 3: If the card has an arrow facing the opposing card and the opposing card has an arrow facing the card in the opposite direction, a card battle ensues. After spending 10 Gil, you will receive either a Bad Omen, Good Omen or Very Good Omen. Lindblums Air Cabs operate around the clock. This guide is purely written to call out missable trophy/achievements. Stiltzkin is a travelling Moogle that can be encountered throughout the game during specific moments. The keyword is 'unique' - it is not enough to simply defeat the same opponent one hundred times. If it helps, practice tapping along to the beat to try and get the metronomic rhythm down, particularly from around the 180-320 range so you learn those tricky transitions: Remote Play method Zidane is able to mine at a much faster pace, allowing you to mine the pillar multiple times in a short amount of time. There are no ATEs here but you must rescue a Burmecian family from a collapsing roof to trigger an ATE much later in the game. However, your character might sometimes get stuck in the terrain and you will face many different enemy types, making the above tracking method impossible. The best place to farm kills is Gizamaluke's Grotto, as that has the highest amount of enemy groups containing 3 or 4 enemies (although there are sometimes only 2) and they are very easy to kill. To win it with Vivi is very simple but requires a bit of patience. To do this, you must use Septomor's AutoHotKey script. This is a very daunting task under normal circumstances but luckily this is a very trivial task with the High Speed, 9,999, Battle Assistance and Safe Travel boosters activated. Press and you will receive this weapon. Can choose any option given during ATE, though it affects which ATE you get later in Treno. Directly North or the Iifa Tree, you can see on the map that the North-East corner of the Lost Continent and the island North of the Outer Continent arc towards each other. To start, on a Tetra Master card, you will see arrows and four values. Obtain a miniature copy of the Prima Vista. However, if you complete the friendly enemy sidequest (see Mister Nice Guy for more information) before facing Ozma, you will gain two advantages: The ability to attack it with physical attacks and it will become weak to Shadow damage. GameFAQs does have a Missable Items FAQ To guarantee you get them all, follow the exact instructions below. Fondantcookie 1 year ago #1. Rarer items such as Chocographs and Elixirs will grant more Points, whereas more common items like Potions will net him minimal Points. You can find Potions, Hi-Potions and Ores while mining and if you are lucky, you will excavate a Madain's Ring. Everlang Island - The long island West of the Forgotten Continent. Close But No Cigar After climbing a couple of ladders, you will reach a platform. Make sure to obtain the encore and Moonstone at the start of the game during the sword duel mini-game, win the Festival of the Hunt with Vivi and buy items from Stiltzkin at every opportunity. This will give you two free Doomsday casts when Ozma uses it against your party. Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate. While you may end up delivering letters to Moogles regarding Mognet Central before heading to Terra, the sidequest itself cannot start until you return to Gaia on Disc 4. You start out with the field chocobo (yellow), before progressing to reef chocobo (light blue), mountain chocobo (red), sea chocobo (dark blue) and sky chocobo (gold). The Ultimate Rod The foot races are initiated by speaking with Hippaul's mother, Hippolady. See It's All in the Cards III for more information on Tetra Master. Doomtrain Card. It is not advised to catch golden frogs, however, because they speed up the frog respawning process so it might be a good idea to save your game, catch the golden frog then reload. Collecting all of the Timber Magazines and the Alien PuPu are the only two I consider missable if you've never played 8 or have a guide. The Ultimate Flute With the help of a script and the AutoHotKey program, you can have Vivi automatically jump more than 1000 times with no input from you at all and easily obtain this trophy. You can also obtain this trophy with the help of Remote Play on your PC and the AutoHotKey program. Once you've answered the Ragtime Mouse's final question, encounter him one last time and he will exclaim how unbelievable it is that you've answered every question correctly. He will tell you your Treasure Hunter Rank, which is determined by how many treasure chests, field icons, key items (gained from sidequests or the Treno Auction House) or Chocograph chests you've discovered. means you have have found the item. You can defeat Ragtimer. See. Turn around and walk around the wall counter-clockwise until you hear the chime again. Whilst the three main digging locations may vary in size and shape, the premise remains the same. You will need a Golden Chocobo to access this crack as there are no nearby tracks or beaches, just a forest to land in. The auto-save function can be abused for this task. However, be warned that if you do miss a fair amount of treasures, many locations in Disc 4 become inaccessible and so you will be left scrabbling around for the few you missed in fewer locations. field icon appears. If you beat Hippaul by a large margin, he will level up five times. Final Fantasy 9 is a role-playing game in the Final Fantasy series of video games. Also, the Lost Continent in the north-west of Gaia has a high frequency of 3-4 enemy groups. When done legitimately, this is by far the hardest trophy in the game and likely the one that will prevent you from getting the Platinum until you master the art of jumping. (My First Synthesis Lesson). Final Fantasy IX Trophies. Accept and you will be thrust into a Tetra Master match with them. If you are using Amarant, don't be afraid to throw your strongest weapons. Equipping Zidane with Bandit and Master Thief will significantly shorten this process. It can also use a devastating attack to your whole party called Neutron Ring or use Blue Shockwave to reduce a single character's HP down to 1. First, direct the first residents you encounter to the right. To repair the machine at Mognet Central, you first need to discover the location of Mognet Central, then find the Superslick item and use it to fix the machine. In this step, you will earn these trophies: Deliver the letter from Kumool to Mois in the entrance of Fossil Roo. Save and heal up between every battle and once you hit Level 30 (stretch it to 40 if you want to be completely safe), carry on with the game. The locations are as follows: Finally, when all this is done, return to Chocobo Paradise and talk to the Fat Chocobo. However, he only appears in the Plaza of the Business District with 4 minutes and 30 seconds remaining and even the High Speed cheat doesn't speed up the timer, making this a bit of a boring wait. Choco's beak level, will level up as part of the Chocobo Hot and Cold sidequest. There is an easy trick you can exploit to force a Ragtime Mouse encounter. Traditional method You will need to deliver a total of six letters, all beginning with Kupo back in the Alexandria Steeple. Then head back to the entrance of Madain Sari and talk to Dagger. For example: If a card has arrows pointing up, down and left, it can either attack other cards in those directions or defend from attacks coming from only those directions. field icon will show up. Go to the very north-west corner of the map and you will find a small island in the middle of the ocean. It can be encountered four times in Disc 1, six times in Disc 2, six times in Disc 3 and indefinitely in Disc 4. Keep aiming to beat him quickly so that he gains five levels but it is very likely he will only be gaining one level at a time at this stage. For more information on those, see Diggin' It and Beach Bum but in summary: The second set can be obtained by stealing the three components from various bosses in Memoria during Disc 4. The Festival of the Hunt takes place during your first visit to Lindblum during Disc 1 and the winner is the competitor who gains the most points by killing enemies. With the pickaxe in hand, you can mine items in the giant pillar in the middle of the room. It's also advised to challenge every unique player you come across to a Tetra Master game right from the beginning and eliminate the grind later, as you should get this by the end of Disc 2. The golden frog is a frog that randomly appears at any of the four Qu's Marshes around the world and catching it will earn you this trophy. Plays Automatically Through Story Progression, Teach Me, Mogster! You must defeat it with Dagger to obtain this trophy. Uncover the secret of the Eidolon Wall. The card with the higher strength stat will generally deal more damage and the card with the higher defense stat will be able to sustain more damage. In the room with the moogle after the bell door, go open the chest in the back off the room and Stiltzkin will walk into talk to talk to the other moogle. field icon and this weapon. The Ultimate Mace Although not confirmed, it seems that the trophy description is wrong and that all status ailments only have to be inflicted on a character in your party, rather than all on one individual. This can and should be used to your advantage to capture as many cards as you can during the match. Whilst you would get more EXP farming these, you will either die a lot and or the fight will take longer as you have to employ some strategy in every battle, even with the 9,999 damage booster, rather than just mash Attack. The Excalibur II Perfect Game guide on GameFAQs by Atomos199 has a Treasure Locations section that is perfect for locating and keeping track of which items can be discovered in each location of the game. Trade him a potion to begin excavating, yourself. Below is a visual Guide to all of the Stellazzio coins and rewards. Treno's cafe, Card Carta, is members only. What's Your Sign? Rarity. Still, you will need to do some preparation. You do not need to collect every treasure to reach Rank S and there is quite a bit of leeway towards reaching Rank S. In fact, it's entirely possible to have accumulated enough points to obtain Rank S the first time you can access Daguerreo on Disc 3. When you get into a random encounter, it should be the Ragtime Mouse. The High Speed booster is especially useful for this task. MISSABLE Keep trying until you receive a Very Good Omen and you will obtain this trophy. A party that contains Vivi, Quina and Amarant (all equipped with the Auto-Life and Auto-Regen abilities) is a safe choice because Berserk can only be guarded against but equipping Auto-Reflect to prevent it is also a very good idea. Teach Me, Mogster! Since many of these items are just hidden on screen, I don't think there's a single list that has everything. Treno on the third disc can be a big trouble spot, since this is where one ATE could be missable. Also, the buttons Blank shouts out have an effect on the score as well. Many Eidolons can be permanently missed if killed during battle and/or Rydia is not one of the party members. A Guide for FINAL FANTASY IX. Once Hippaul reaches level 80, Hippolady will reward you with the Athlete Queen and you will obtain this trophy. Nearby the Innkeeper is an elderly man. 3. The pieces are found in the following: Finding the hidden treasure this Chocograph grants you access to a sky (gold) chocobo and Chocobo's Air Garden. Instead, he will tell you to visit all of the beaches on the world map. She casts Poison, Confuse, Blind, Silence and Mini so be sure to equip abilities that prevent these status ailments. Try to beat him as quickly as you can so that he levels up five times every race. The Rune Claws are Amarant's ultimate weapon and can be obtained in Memoria during Disc 4. Whichever way you choose, you will obtain this trophy after the Behemoth is defeated. Jack-of-All-Trades - Learned every Technick . After meeting Doctor Tot and going down a ladder to Gargon Row, you MUST go back up the ladder and then leave the tower. Go into the windmill and open the top right door using the Mayor's Key and inspect the chest that is covered by leaves in the foreground and then inspect it again. The ones on the three continents (the Forgotten Continent mainland has no beaches) can easily be found by following the shoreline. Beware that if you have 99 of an item that Stiltzkin sells, you cannot purchase it. AND join. For example: Try not have the Jelly ability equipped when trying to get afflicted with Petrify and Gradual Petrify. Following on from the above, it is recommended to close your eyes completely and tap with the sound of the footsteps rather than be distracted by everything happening on the screen. The first method is to use a Turbo Controller and automate the process whilst leaving your PS4 running. In the forest outside of the Black Mage Village, Occasionally you will come across a random encounter when navigating through forests that has different music and has a guy dancing between an. If an item is excavated, move onto the next spot. Once Trance Kuja is defeated, you will face the final boss of the game, Necron. The key to getting a good score during this mini-game is luck. Additionally, the presence of a golden frog speeds up the frog maturation process dramatically. The different sections will be the … You also can't leave the screen to activate autosave and there's no Save Moogle, thus you will have to leave your PS4 running for this length of time. After leaving the Evil Forest to before arriving at the Outer Continent = 4 times 2. It doesn't have more than a million HP like the Emerald Weapon and Ruby Weapon in Final Fantasy VII or the Omega Weapon in Final Fantasy VIII but Ozma can still wipe out your party if you challenge it unprepared. Also, abilities like Auto-Life, Auto-Regen, Auto-Float and Auto-Reflect do not count towards this trophy’s progress so do not equip them. Therefore, it's best to collect as many treasures from every location you enter and be as thorough as possible in your search. Make sure you never use the latter! During the sword duel mini-game during the performance of. Topic (thanks :-) User Info: Kazadora2099. Therefore, if you play a Tetra Master match and lose, go to the menu with , select 'Config' then select ‘Title Screen’ at the very bottom. After watching "Gourmand's Nose", navigate to the entrance to the Black Mage Village and then go right, After watching "Different Language", navigate to the far left of the village which is the cemetery, After watching "Visitor, Not Invader", navigate right one screen and enter the first hut, When talking to Vivi and Quina after the wedding, select the option "Why don't you get married, too? The Ragtime Mouse asks a total of sixteen questions in a random order. 1 Main Storyline. Slitzkin can be found at the Alexandrian Temple. Firstly, unequip Steiner's 'Level Up' ability, then go to 'Status' in the menu and take a note of his total EXP. If you are skipping all text, FMVs and battles, only fighting bosses and unavoidable encounters, it should take you no more than five hours to reach Excalibur II's location. Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South Gate. Heroes of Gaia, [PST Would Like To Thank Darth_Krid for this Roadmap]. You can use this trick to make easy gil early on in the game. Gemstone traditionally feared to bring misfortune. It may be easier to do this in the Steeple from Disc 3 onwards. In the Conde Petie Mountain Path, there are four coloured stones you can find - the Red Stone, Blue Stone, Green Stone and Yellow Stone. After doing so 17 times, Moguo will exclaim "STOP IT, STOP IT, STOP IT! field icon when in the right location to find them. A treasure chest and field icon is worth one point and a chest uncovered on Choco (either Chocograph chests or ocean bubbles or mountain crack chests) are worth two points each. Ocean bubbles are clusters of bubbles found in a few select locations once you get an Ocean Chocobo and if you eat a Dead Pepper on top of them (obtained from digging in Chocobo Lagoon once you have a Mountain Chocobo), Choco will dig underwater and emerge with treasure. This trophy seems daunting but is actually a very short grind and will probably come naturally if you're farming kills for Bloodlust post-game. Luckily, they don't all need to be inflicted at the same time but it's very unlikely this trophy will be obtained through normal gameplay as many ailments are difficult to inflict. Keep pressing the buttons at a constant rhythm and hope for some and prompts. Inspect the edge with Zidane to have him notice some foam far below him, at which point you will have the option to use a Dead Pepper. Movie Critic However, later on there are even more players in Daguerreo, Chocobo’s Air Garden and Memoria for you to face so you will never be short of players to defeat for this trophy. Said to open the gateway to another world.Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings description Moonstone (ムーンストーン, Mūnsutōn? This is the entrance to Mognet Central. Once you've sold all four items, make your way to the inn at Daguerreo and speak to the old man standing near the innkeeper. Blank will shout out random commands and you must press the button he shouts out to perform the action, then he will shout another command and so on until the end of the duel. Note: Make sure you get Quina now, from Qu's Marsh. However, at higher stages, the brothers move so quickly that even this might not be enough. With the three coffees now in hand, go to the Observatory Mountain and speak with Morrid. It's All in the Cards II Personally, I learned to count along in my head in increments of 5 so I knew when the next change was. Only one desert exists in the entire world. Note on boosters/cheats It might be a good idea to mine at a certain spot five or so times and then move onto the next if nothing is excavated. Kain's Legacy Now return to Mognet Central and give Artemicion the Superslick and he will use it to repair the machine, the trophy will pop. The Hammer is a unique item that can only be obtained by returning all 13 Stellazzio coins to Queen Stella in the North of Treno. Certain items which are missables in FF8 are not missable in Chocobo World. You could also use the Steiner method mentioned earlier (and this way, you can still track kills reliably) but you will have to press twice at the end of every battle to continue. Mister Nice Guy. Defeat 10000 enemies. This trophy can be frustrating because most of the time, status ailments will miss your characters. He will now be sitting on the floor on the bottom of the room he’s always been. The locations of each coin are listed below, in the order that you can find them: Returning each coin will result in a reward from Queen Stella. Purchased from Stiltzkin in Alexandria's Temple as part of. Once you've answered these 15 questions, the Ragtime Mouse will ask one final question during your next encounter with him. Otherwise, he will only level up once. Note: Keeping the Hammer in your inventory until the end of the game, will reward you with an extra (although narratively inconsequential) scene during the ending or alternatively it can be used to synthesise the Tin Armour (Steiner's best armour) at Hades' synth shop in Memoria. You will obtain this trophy after winning your first Tetra Master match. As the minigame progresses, however, they become much faster and at the later stages, it becomes difficult to keep up. The Tiger Racket is the most powerful racket and can be used by either Dagger or Eiko. You may want to save before the Festival and reload once you have this trophy, because letting Freya win (which you can do within seconds by killing yourself as Zidane) is the best course of action. I found this location was much easier for me to get the double-jumping pattern right, as I used Vivi’s feet landing on the ground as an indicator. Say yes and the card match will begin. Slow the video down in the program and follow the brother you need to find, during the playback. This area can be accessed after you obtain the Blue Narciss on Disc 3 and also requires a reef (light blue) chocobo, obtained from the Healing Shores Chocograph.

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